MTG Arena reveals new Workshop event for players' favorite creatures
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Wizards of the Coast is bringing the latest in its Workshop events to Magic: The Gathering Arena, starting today, March 30, with We Are Many. This preconstructed event is free for players and introduces a unique concept to explore. It will see players battling in a best of one format. The reward for winning is a Haversack of Favor, which can contain anything from coins to XP or a random card.

The We Are Many event has already begun earlier this morning, and it will run until April 1 at 8:00 a.m. PT.

MTG Arena’s newest Workshop

Multiples are the name of the game with this new Workshop. Each deck has had the individual card restriction removed from the deck. This will let players get into some pretty powerful situations. Having a dozen Llanowar Elves in play is a lot of mana.

Players can choose from one of four free decks, each one focusing on a single color and theme. Notably, there is no blue deck, so control players are out of luck. The decks available are:

  • Cat’s Cradle – White
  • Endless Ranks – Black
  • Gobsmacked – Red
  • Wild Might – Green

Let’s take a look at each deck and see which one will take players to victory the fastest.

Cat’s Cradle

If you weren’t sure what this deck’s theme is, here’s a hint: it has 15 copies of Charmed Stray. What makes this cat so powerful is that when a Charmed Stray enters the battlefield, every other copy gains a +1/+1 counter. This, plus the Stray’s lifelink ability, enables this list to take an early lead. Additionally, Arrester’s Zeal can give a cat flying if players need to get some damage through or save a cat if they run out of lives.

Charming Prince will likely work best when using its flicker ability on a Charmed Stray to give all other cats a boost. Scrying two is also pretty powerful when you’re digging for more cats or trying to avoid some late-game lands. Mace of the Valiant will take some time to build-up, but if it comes out on the third turn, it will be a hard card to beat.

MTG Arena Cat

Endless Ranks

This deck is based around Undead Servant, a four-mana creature that makes a 2/2 zombie token for each other card named Undead Servant in the graveyard. It sounds impressive but will take a lot of build-up to get there. Thankfully, this deck is all about putting cards in your graveyard. Cryptbreaker will be this deck’s MVP, as it can both discard Undead Servants to create 2/2 zombie tokens and draw cards.

The other most important card in this deck is Death Baron. Giving your hoard of zombies +1/+1 and deathtouch means each of your zombies is either taking something out or gnawing away at your opponent’s life total. Blood for Bones is a pretty powerful sorcery in this deck. It should be saved, however, until players need to rebuild a board state or to bring more Death Barons into play.

This deck feels the slowest of the four decks but can create an impressive board state. Hopefully, MTG Arena can keep up with the horde.

MTG Arena Zombie


Goblins are a staple in every version of Magic, and MTG Arena is no exception. This goblin deck does a lot but isn’t quite sure where it wants to be. Siege-Gang Commander is a powerful card, and with enough mana, it can close a game out quickly. However, keeping your goblin creatures in play long enough might prove tough.

Goblin Ringleader is your bread and butter here. When it enters the battlefield, it can get you up to four goblins from the top four cards of your deck. But it can also get you nothing if there are no goblins there, so keep that in mind. Goblin Warchief makes all your other goblins cheaper and gives them haste, so try to get them out early. Going into the late-game, make sure to hang onto your Skirk Prospectors and Goblin Cratermakers because you can toss them at your opponent’s face to get through that last bit of damage.

Your main strength is going to come from Siege-Gang Commander. There are a lot of tricky things you can do if you have enough mana open and some goblins to sacrifice. Don’t forget he can sacrifice himself to activate his ability if you need to push more damage.

MTG Goblins

Wild Might

There’s a deck archetype that pokes its head in almost every Magic format: Elf Ball. While it has a pretty silly name, it is no less powerful in MTG Arena. This deck’s feature card is Llanowar Elf, which can ramp out to some pretty wild board states.

Players shouldn’t be surprised to see the following. Turn 1, Llanowar Elf. Turn 2, Marwyn, the Nurturer. Turn 3, as many elves as they can play. Use Return of the Wildspeaker to refill your hand once Marwyn gets big enough. Then drop an End-Maze Forerunner to seal the game.

MTG Elves

Of the four decks, our money is on either Wild Might or Cat’s Cradle as being the strongest deck. Just smack your opponent around with the cats or some elves, and you should have an easy win for this event.

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