mousesports overcome Na'Vi at GG.Bet Ice Challenge final
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The final of the CSGO GG.Bet Ice Challenge in London saw mousesports take on Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) in a rarely seen best-of-five finale. The European medley of talented mousesports players came out on top in the end against Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s Na’Vi.

Na’Vi fail to stop mousesports

Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s side ended the 2019 CSGO season with a bang. Mousesports won 3 LAN events in a row, only dropping their last event (EPICENTER) to the French Team Vitality in the finale. Mousesports’ form has definitely carried over to 2020 as they looked sharp throughout the tournament and, what’s more, on top of their form in the final against Na’Vi.

The GG.Bet Ice Challenge lasted four maps. Mouz kicked things off on Dust2 by barely taking the map at 16-14, pushing against Denis “electronic” Sharipov’s attempt to carry his side with a 30-kill rampage. However, Robin “ropz” Kool countered his enemy’s performance with a 30-kill of his own.

ropz was one of his team’s best performers in the final.

The following map, Inferno, saw a much stronger showing by mousesports, leading to a 16-8 victory thanks to an especially phenomenal counter-terrorist side. It was yet again electronic that was Na’Vi’s most impressive player as s1mple had an average performance.

The third map, Train, finally saw s1mple finding his stride as he hit 30 kills of his own and put his team up by 16-11 in a do-or-die situation. Na’Vi took their first map to attempt a comeback on the next battleground, Nuke. That was a short-lived dream though, as mousesports seemed way too confident on Nuke. The match showed a combination of efforts from the whole mousesports squad with ropz once again at the top by a small margin. Nuke went mousesports’ way at 16-9, closing out the final at a 3-1 scoreline for the European mix.

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