Mousesports consider benching Snax for STYKO - Upcomer
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Fresh off their elimination from StarSeries Season Six, Mousesports seems to be exploring new lineups for the future, without Janusz “Snax” Pogorzelski. According to VPESPORTS, the team is considering bringing back Martin “STYKO” Styk from the bench. It has only been three months since Mousesports would pick up Snax from Virtus.Pro, but there have been a plethora of issues plaguing the lineup.

Communication issues

For example, multiple team members have been vocal about the communication problems on the team. Tomáš “oskar” Šťastný would tweet out 17 days ago that the team had communication issues. It is clear that ever since STYKO left, the team dynamic has changed. Snax is a completely different type of player than STYKO. He is more of a star fragger than a support player, so the way the team plays must have changed. As we have seen, having multiple stars on one team will not always work out.

Mousesports actually had a team meeting after Starseries to discuss the future of the team. However, Snax was not invited to this meeting. Now, sources tell VPESPORTS that Mouz will be benching Snax in the following days.

Mousesports’ past results

With the addition of Snax, Mousesports has had an up and down year. Even though they would take home the ESL ONE New York trophy, they still had their placements at ESL One Cologne and the FACEIT London Major to answer for. Their success hasn’t been as great as many thought they would have with the former Virtus.Pro star. It is understandable that after another disappointing result, the team would look to improve once again. However, it may not lie in the signing of a new player. Their problems may reside in a former teammate, STYKO.

STYKO’s stints, and what he brings

When Mousesports would bench STYKO for Snax, North America’s Cloud9 would acquire him as a stand-in. In his time with the team, he would not be able to accomplish much; with a fluctuating lineup, the team synergy would not develop. After having a horrible second half of the year, Cloud9 would end up picking up Maikil “Golden” Salim and Robin “flusha” Ronnquist. STYKO simply wasn’t what Cloud9 needed, which was more firepower from their lineup.

However, Mousesports does not need more firepower. In fact, with Snax in the lineup, they may have too much firepower to go around. Meanwhile, shotcalling and communication is the necessary component for Mousesports, and they are realizing this. STYKO was an integral part of their lineup, as a support player should be for many teams. It makes sense that although he lacks in frags, he provides valuable information that allows the star players on his team to shine.

Final Thoughts

It is sad that Snax, who used to be one of the best players in the world, is now forced onto the bench. However, I do believe that he can find himself a team that can use his skills. Although he has regressed slightly, his fragging ability is top notch and he can provide a team firepower wherever needed. The only problem is finding a team that he can communicate properly with.

What are your thoughts on Snax possibly getting benched by Mousesports? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! If you want more Counter-Strike content, check us out here!