Mordekaiser rework update | League of Legends Champion Roadmap
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In the April 2019 League of Legends Champion Roadmap, Riot’s lead producer of champions, Ryan “Reav3” Mireles, gave us some information on the newest changes to the buggiest champion in the game, Mordekaiser. In the post, Reav3 announced that Morde’s long-awaited rework and “massive” VGU update is nearly complete.

What’s new with Mordekaiser

First things first, Mordekaiser is getting either a replacement or an update to every ability in his kit. That being said, the changes to his kit should still keep his identity as an AP juggernaut. We can probably expect to see him best fit in a solo lane.

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Riot Reav3 is setting high expectations for the upcoming rework. “One of the biggest abilities you can expect to change is Mordekaiser’s ultimate. We wanted to replace it with something that would make his enemies truly fear and respect Morde, with nowhere to run or hide from his indomitable malice,” stated REAV3. “It won’t be long before new Morde conquers the lands of both the living and the dead, bending the souls of all who oppose him to his unbreakable will.”

The buggiest champion on the rift

It seems that we’ll finally get to say goodbye to Mordekaiser’s kit of bandaid buffs and fixes. While his ability to steal the ghost of Dragons was one of the more unique interactions in the game, we’re excited to see the new ultimate that Reav3 is hyping up. We’re also curious to see if Riot keeps any interaction between Morde and the dragon after the VGU changes.

And while his Dragon ghosts were certainly iconic, there was one thing Mordekaiser was even more famous for. He had a legendary list of bugs.

Redditor and notorious Morde fan Naerlyn has, for several years, kept a running list of all of the champion’s bugs. At one point, the total bugs on the list reached over 295 individual issues. With the rework right around the corner, Naerlyn is looking to send him off with one final round-up.

Alongside this announcement, it was revealed that Pantheon would be the next champion to get a big VGU rework. Check out the details here.