Mordekaiser rework ability overview: An (almost) all-new champion
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Riot Games just released an overview of abilities for Mordekaiser, the latest rework coming to League of Legends. Let’s see what they do and how they compare to his current ones.

The abilities

Passive – Darkness Rise (previously Iron Man)

Mordekaiser’s reworked passive is completely different from the current one. It will now deal bonus magic damage on basic attacks. Furthermore, upon using three spells or attacks against champions, his passive will deal damage to nearby enemies while also giving him movement speed. The passive stops once Mordekaiser leaves combat.

Q – Obliterate (currently Mace of Spades)

Mordekaiser’s current Q works by empowering his next three attacks, but his reworked Q will be different and much simpler. Upon cast, Morde will slam down his mace, dealing damage in an area. If there is only one enemy in the area, bonus damage will be dealt to him only.

W – Indestructible (currently Harvesters of Sorrow)

His W has both a passive and an active component in its current form. The passive gives Mordekaiser bonus experience when killing Minions near allies. The active component allows him to bind an ally to himself, giving both movement speed toward one another. Even more, when they touch, they both deal magic damage over a period of time. Once reactivated, they both instantly steal health from nearby opponents.

When reworked, his W will allow him to absorb a percentage of the damage taken and dealt. Casting it once will give Mordekaiser a shield with the value, and casting it twice will consume half of the shield as health. It is yet unclear whether this will work similarly to Tahm Kench’s Thick Skin or if this will have a duration during which Mordekaiser will absorb the damage.

E – Death’s Grasp (currently Siphon of Destruction)

In its current form, Mordekaiser’s E deals magic damage in a cone, and he gains a percentage of his maximum shield for each champion hit.

However, the reworked E has two components to it. The passive gives Mordekaiser a percentage of Magic Penetration. The active component creates a claw that drags enemies toward him and deals damage. Once again, we aren’t sure if this will be a skillshot, a targeted ability, or based on proximity.

R – Realm of Death (currently Children of the Grave)

His current ultimate’s passive only applies the Curse effect on Dragon. The active does the same, but he is able to pick any enemy he wants that is in range. However, once the Cursed target is killed, its soul will follow Morde around the map, with slightly reduced stats.

In the reworked version, his ultimate will allow him to banish an enemy to the Death Realm for a 1v1 battle (getting some serious Yu-Gi-Oh! vibes here, Riot). Once there, he will steal a percentage of his enemy’s core stats, and if he kills them, he will keep the stat until they respawn. The ultimate will create a whole different dimension where it’s only Morde and his target, and Riot is introducing many new game mechanics and interactions to League of Legends with this ability.

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