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Candidates for Overwatch League Coach of the Year started plentiful in this season. But, as the season went on, it was obvious who was getting it this year. As the head coach of the Shanghai Dragons, Byung-chul “Moon” Moon had a tough job to do. In this case, the Dragons were a team that had a horrendous first season and a promising second season. Yet, they ended up dominating the very strong APAC region and placed first overall. In the end, Moon was the only true candidate and ended up winning Coach of the Year for the 2020 season.

Moon’s past

In the past, Moon was an APEX tournament coach. His results never led to success, until he left APEX and won the Pacific division with Ardeont. Afterwards, he got picked up and became a key coach in the Los Angeles Valiant. His coaching helped the Valiant reach second place in the inaugural season, and the stage four win within it. However, their disappointing post-season did lead to a separation. He didn’t quit coaching though. Fittingly, Moon moved onto the academy team for the Shanghai Dragons: Team CC. With the new head coach, the team got a second place finish. Afterwards, the team promoted Moon.

Moon, head coach of the Shanghai Dragons.
Moon, coaching in APEX.

Now, joining the Dragons was a risky choice to make. Fans were plenty, but the weight of the first season wasn’t off their shoulders. Alas, the team started hot and never stopped. Moon coached them to winning the May Melee, got to the finals of the Summer Showdown and won the Countdown Cup. Finishing off first place leads to this deserved award as Coach of the Year. The team of underdog and comeback stories had a coach to match. Unfortunately, his teammate  Jae-won “LIP” Lee didn’t win rookie of the year. Now, in a week’s time, we will see if he will lead the new age Shanghai Dragons to a championship.

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