Modern Warfare Season 3 leaks reveal which maps could be arriving
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is in the last week of the Season 2 Battle Pass, meaning Season 3 is soon approaching. Set to begin on April 7, the new installment should bring some much-needed content to both Warzone and MW. While not much is known about the third season, some leaks have surfaced from an in-game glitch. These glitches aren’t anything official but do seem to reveal which maps Activision is planning to release with Season 3. Fans of Modern Warfare 3 and the original Modern Warfare should be excited.

Which maps are coming with Season 3?

Like in the previous two seasons, Activision is most likely planning to remaster two-to-three classic Call of Duty maps for Season 3. Previously, we’ve seen the likes of Rust, Shipment, Vacant, and Crash reintroduced into Modern Warfare.

These maps have been generally well-liked by the community. Most offer a refreshing change of pace from the large-scale size of the standard MW maps. As such, it appears Activision and Infinity Ward are sticking with a similar plan for Season 3.

After the most recent update, regular players were able to discover evidence of two new maps in MW. One prominent YouTuber, Immortal of Karnage Clan, showcased proof of the two new maps on Twitter.

It appears this is just a visual glitch, as the lobby won’t start up if this occurs. Nonetheless, it’s evident that both Backlot and Village are coming soon to the game. Backlot was originally introduced in the original MW, and Village was first seen in Modern Warfare 3.

Some fans may have wanted to see some Modern Warfare 2 maps enter the rotation, but that seems unlikely given Campaign Remastered‘s recent release. Though, this doesn’t mean Activision won’t introduce more maps down the line.

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