MTG Modern Horizons Day 10 Roundup | All Spoilers for May 30
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Over the past couple of weeks, Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoilers have been popping up every day. We’ve seen the continuation of the Swords of X/Y cycle, the Onslaught cycle lands, a new Marit Lage token producer, and many more awesome surprises. Tomorrow, the entire set will be revealed and spoiler season will come to a close. However, we have a few things that were spoiled today that we should check out. Let’s take a look!

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Big MTG reveals

Unsettled Mariner: Modern is a place that supports a few tribal decks. Merfolk, Spirits, Humans, Shamans, and Eldrazi all have dedicated tribal decks that see play (some more than others). Unsettle Mariner fits into all of these tribes because it’s a Changeling! Check out this article to see what all Unsettled Mariner could be used for.

Mirrodin Besieged: This flexible card boasts two modes, similar to the Sieges from Fate Reforged. One mode spits out tons of tokens; the other can actually win you the game if you build around it!

Marit Lage’s Slumber: The beloved 20/20 Indestructible flying avatar token is back in her newest card. While less abusable than its predecessor Dark Depths, Marit Lage’s Slumber is sure to stir things up in Modern.

Additional Modern Horizons spoilers

We’ve got a few extra spoilers, smaller stuff that didn’t get their own article. Let’s hop into it!

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We have a lot of Commons and Uncommons to look at today! The biggest takeaway here is that Pauper just got a lot of new toys. Defile, Ephemerate, Moonblade Shinobi, and Faerie Seer all look like a ton of fun in Pauper. Maybe we’ll see Defile bring mono-black control back to the light, or maybe we’ll see a new Ninjitsu-focused deck alongside Ninja of the Deep Hours.

In addition to that, Reap the Past looks like the only true contender for Modern, and that’s a stretch. If it were instant speed, it would absolutely see play, but at sorcery… it probably won’t. We could see Mind Rake show up in 10-Rack lists as a flexible way to make sure your opponent has no cards in hand, but that isn’t an absolute.

Stay tuned!

Tomorrow is the last day for Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons spoilers, so stay tuned! Daily Esports will be covering the interesting spoilers as they come out, so keep an eye on our MTG news page! If you missed out on the previous few days of spoilers, you can check them out below:

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