MTG Modern Horizons Day 4 Roundup | All spoilers for May 22
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Modern Horizons spoilers have continued to amaze us this week with new exciting cards revealed every day. Today, we saw the return of Slivers, a new card that references Sneak Attack, and so much more! Let’s get into it.

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Big Reveals

Force of Virtue: Over the last three days, we’ve seen spoilers for Force of Negation, Force of Vigor and Force of Despair. The Force cycle continued today, this time with the white card of the set being revealed. Read up on several ways in which you can use this underdog card.

Planebound Accomplice: This new, unique card is reminiscent of Sneak Attack with its ability to summon Planeswalkers for 1 turn. Be sure to read more about it, this card is pretty nuts.

The Slivers Return: One of MTG’s older yet still-beloved creature types is back! Click to read on the new Mythic card, The First Sliver, and the three other uncommons in the set, all revealed today! Slivers all provide static abilities for each other on the battlefield so be sure not to get overwhelmed!

Goblin Engineer: Some are calling this the red version of Stoneforge Mystic! This little guy is an excellent addition to Modern and is incredibly powerful.

Sisay, Weatherlight Captain: Another older MTG character, Sisay joins Modern Horizons to lead us all into a new Modern format.

Frostwalk Bastion: Our newest manland, Frostwalk Bastion is a Snow land that can turn into quite the defender.

Scale Up: Infect has fallen off in Modern as of late… this card may be just the one to bring the deck back into the spotlight.

Additional Modern Horizons Previews

As usual, the big spoilers above weren’t the only reveals of the day. Here are all of the remaining cards we saw on May 22 (translated foreign cards courtesy of MTG Salvation):

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Of these spoilers, a few of the cards really stand out. First, Ranger-Captain of Eos can act as an additional Ranger of Eos for Martyr Proc decks, which could be huge for them. It can fetch the new Giver of Runes in Death and Taxes-style decks and can be an effective answer to a miracled-out Terminus with his last ability. Being a human is also something that should not be ignored, as Legacy and Modern both have strong Human decks he may slot into.

Another interesting one is Scrapyard Recombiner, which was spoiled by Matt Nass, the guy who popularized and revolutionized the KCI decks that got Krark-Clan Ironworks banned. This card definitely seems a little insane, and there’s a very good chance someone like Matt will find a way to bust it wide open.

Stay Tuned!

Daily Esports is all about keeping you up to date on MTG news, so keep your eyes on our Magic: The Gathering page! The Modern Horizons spoilers are far from over, so check in tomorrow for another big day of reveals!