MTG Modern Horizons Day 3 Roundup | All spoilers for May 21
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MTG Modern Horizon spoilers continued today with maybe the biggest reveal yet! We’ve got a day’s worth of reprints, new cards, and brand new format staples so let’s get right into it.

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Big Reveals

Canopy Lands: Horizon Canopy has been the only land of its type since Future Sight. Today, that changed with the reveal of this new cycle of lands.

Force of Despair: The Force cycle continues! Force of Despair is the Black installment of this cycle of “free” cards.

Lightning Skelemental: A flavorful mish-mash of two classic MTG cards, Lightning Skelemental is everything you could hope for from a Black-Red rare card.

Urza, Lord High Artificer: The king of Magic is back in legendary creature form! If you’re looking to brew an artifact deck, he may be the guy for you.

Giver of Runes: We all know and love Mother of Runes, who is affectionately called “Mom” by the community. It’s time to meet her new counterpart!

Additional Modern Horizons Spoilers

Along with the major spoilers all outlined above, we had several more interesting cards revealed on May 21.

Nimble Mongoose Pondering Mage Collected ConjuringCillerpillar Astral Drift Modern Horizons spoilers Scour All Possibilities Spore Frog Dismantling Blow Modern Horizons spoilers

Of these cards, a few really stand out. Nimble Mongoose has been an all-star in RUG Delver lists as a hard to remove threat. Alongside Delver of Secrets, it would be an efficient beater while the rest of the cards in the deck were dedicated to making sure Nimble Mongoose and Delver could attack safely. While Nimble Mongoose isn’t as popular as it once was in Legacy, it could be the kind of efficient, stubborn threat that can blossom in Modern’s new metagame.

Collected Conjuring also seems like a very strong card, especially with its sister card Collected Company being so popular in Modern. However, unlike Collected Company, Collected Conjuring is a Sorcery and can only cast sorceries with its ability. At the end of the day, it’s a cool card that probably won’t see much play, as UR decks lean towards instants far more than sorceries these days.

Astral Drift also deserves a mention as a possible centerpiece for a flicker deck in Modern. We’ll definitely need to see some more cycling support for that, however.

Stay Tuned!

Modern Horizons is nowhere near fully revealed yet, so keep an eye on our MTG News page for coverage of all upcoming spoilers and reveals. Catch up on all of the previous spoilers with our Day 1 and Day 2 roundups.