MTG Modern Horizons Day 1 Roundup | All spoilers for May 19
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May 19th marked the official beginning of the long-awaited Modern Horizons spoiler season. We’ve seen new countermagic in Force of Negation, strong Limited cards, and some fan favorite reprints from older sets. Modern Horizons has been full of surprises. Here’s the list of spoilers we got today:

Modern Horizons Spoilers – May 19th

  • 8 New Commons – These were the first spoilers of the day, and were all completely new cards! For commons, they sure are pretty strong.
  • 4 Reprinted Commons – Modern Horizons was promised to have all new-to-Modern cards. That doesn’t mean we can’t have reprints from before Modern’s time!
  • 3 Uncommon Reprints – Here we have some very interesting spoilers. Goblin Matron is finally in Modern, and Wing Shards will wreck people in Limited!
  • Deep Forest Hermit – A callback card to Deranged Hermit, this card promises to be fantastic in Limited. A big hit for all squirrel lovers.d
  • Force of Negation – A free Negate in Modern! It does a pretty decent Force of Will imitation and is sure to slow the format down a bit.
  • Snow Lands – Snow lands are back in full art! There’s no telling what else we may get, but the Snow Lands have got people excited!

Force of Negation, Modern Horizons spoiler

Stay Tuned!

Daily Esports is dedicated to keeping you up to date on Magic: The Gathering’s Modern Horizons spoilers. We’re expecting them to continue all week. For more information, check out the full breakdown of spoiler times in this article released by Wizards of the Coast. For more articles like this throughout spoiler season, be sure to keep up on our Magic: The Gathering news page!

Modern Horizons has already amazed us today with the sheer power of the cards revealed. The commons are strong and can change the face of the Pauper format easily while Force of Negation alone stands to warp Modern. But this is just Day 1! Get ready for the rest of the week!