Dead of Winter comes forth in Modern Horizons spoilers
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Modern Horizons has brought forth a lot of tribal support for creature types like Slivers and Bears. The one tribal support that appeared unexpectedly was Snow Tribal. One of today’s spoilers, coming to us from Turn One Thoughtseize, continues this push of support with Dead of Winter.

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons - Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter is a Black Sorcery card that gives each non-snow creature -X/-X, where X is the number of snow permanents you control. This card hearkens back to Toxic Deluge without the need to pay life.

There are many cards that give major debuffs to all creatures on the field. However, Dead of Winter is much more effective, as it can allow you to keep some of your creatures safe. You just need them to be snow creatures like the new Ice-Fang Coatl.

How to utilize Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter obviously benefits from building a deck based around snow permanents of all types. However, even swapping out your basic lands for snow lands can prove beneficial. Due to Dead of Winter’s mana cost being the exact same as Toxic Deluge without the cost of life, it becomes a much better version of that card.

Players that normally run Toxic Deluge might want to swap out their basics for snow lands and run some of this card. It may also be to their advantage to run the other recently spoiled snow land: Frostwalk Bastion.


Snow Tribal is definitely back, and with this board clear, players should be prepared for some pretty chilly games. Many Modern decks might also throw some snow permanents in there to boost effectiveness.

Dead of Winter should prove a great card for the Modern and Legacy formats. However, the most important thing is how it will change the look of some Black decks. Players like to focus on improving their decks in any way possible. While many understand that life is a resource, being able to have the same effect while keeping health high is a great improvement.

What strategies can you think of to employ alongside Dead of Winter? Let us know in the comments! And make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports to keep up with all the latest Magic: The Gathering news and Modern Horizons spoilers.