Misfits Gaming to open esports center in Boca Raton
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UK-based organization Misfits Gaming Group has unveiled its plans to establish an 18,000-square-foot training center in Boca Raton, Florida. They will receive $200,000 in state and local grants while spending $1.35 million on the new facility. Along with the new center, Misfits Gaming aims to create over 30 high-salary jobs.

The new headquarters will serve as a training facility for teams under the Misfits Gaming Group. Some of their teams are their Overwatch team Florida Mayhem and their recently introduced Call of Duty League team, Florida Mutineers. The massive center will also serve as their corporate headquarters and base of operations. 

Securing financial support

Luckily, Misfits Gaming secured grants for this center. The state of Florida plans to give over $200,000 in grants and tax refunds for the development of this project. Additionally, their job goal of this project is to provide an average salary of $95,500 to at least 30 workers. This new move will not only provide a better environment for their teams but will also give Palm Beach an economic boost.

Opportunities for the South Florida Community

In an official press release, CEO and co-founder of Misfits Ben Spoont shared his thoughts on their new plans.

“Thanks to the state of Florida, we’re excited to be opening our headquarters in Boca Raton next year … Through these local teams [Florida Mayhem, Florida Mutineers], we’ll be running several large-scale esports events in the state throughout the year, in addition to college tournaments and community events.”

They plan to bring Florida’s community of gamers together while providing a path of career opportunities to young professionals. 

A perfect time to invest

This is a great time for Misfits Gaming to relocate. Currently, their operations are based in Los Angeles and Berlin. Consolidating their corporate space to Florida could help ease communication for their Florida-based teams.

Additionally, Futuresource Consulting expects the esports market to reach $1 billion this year. The timing will give Misfits Gaming a financial advantage in terms of investments, development, and sponsors.

Meanwhile, Misfits Gaming has other future projects underway. They recently developed a $10 million esports incubator and seed fund. This project offers “a path to success for innovative esports and gaming companies.” Their main goal is to provide support for other gaming companies that are looking to progress in the industry. 

The Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, and other iconic business companies currently back them. Due to their overall investor support, Misfits Gaming will have a big impact on the organizations they invest in. Most importantly, their permanent relocation to South Florida may encourage other gaming and technology companies to do the same.