Mirage could be receiving a buff to his ultimate ability in Apex Legends
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In Apex Legends, there are a small number of legends that most players would like to see buffed. Their abilities simply don’t stack up against the others in the game, making them far less powerful. Decoy master Mirage stands at the top of this list. Not only is his ultimate ability weak, but his tactical ability isn’t very strong either. Though the decoys can be somewhat useful, experienced players can easily tell them apart from the actual Mirage.

Respawn knows this, and it could be working on a buff that’s already in-game through the Grand Soiree Event in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends’ Mirage getting buffed?

Around a week ago, we discussed a Reddit post that suggested a simple yet effective buff for Mirage. This change altered his tactical ability by adding more decoys that went in the direction the player pointed to. This slightly mimicks Mirage’s ultimate ability, however.

Perhaps Respawn saw the calling for such a buff, though, because they look to be testing something in the new LTM. “DUMMIE’s big day” is the new mode in the Grand Soiree Event, and players noticed something when they used Mirage. Reddit user BootstrapBoon was among the first to publically post this change to Mirage.

The Decoys do EVERYTHING from apexlegends

The clip shows the user activating Mirage’s ultimate ability like normal. Six decoys spawn like they usually do, but they begin to move around in sync with the player’s movements. The decoys even go as far as to act as though they are reviving a teammate when the player does.

This is a highly-requested alteration to Mirage’s ultimate. However, we’re unsure if this is Respawn just messing around or if they’re actively testing this new function for a future update. Season 4 is just around the corner, after all, making the timing of this very interesting.

Would you like to see a buff to Mirage? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Apex Legends news.

Joey Carr is a full-time writer for multiple esports and gaming websites. He has 7+ years of experience covering esports and traditional sporting events, including DreamHack Atlanta, Call of Duty Championships 2017, and Super Bowl 53.