MIBR reach out to psychologist following coldzera to FaZe transfer rumors
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It is no secret that the former CS:GO two-time MVP of the year winner, Marcelo “coldzera” David, is having a tough time at MIBR. With controversial tweets and photos surfacing around the internet about a bold move to FaZe Clan, things are looking less than bright for the Brazilian formation.

Things especially intensified following a report by HLTV that coldzera is requesting to be benched. The situation took further steps as a former FaZe member, Fabien “kioShiMa” Fiey, recently tweeted out a photo of Nikola “NiKo” Kovač with coldzera.

Moreover, a controversial photo and statement were posted on Instagram by coldzera himself. Naturally, NiKo did not hesitate to leave a comment that added to the already blazing bonfire.

Marcelo disabled commenting under his Instagram post. However, the nature of the photo and description suggest the unhappiness of coldzera’s current situation. Perhaps the talented rifler is looking for a completely new opportunity in FaZe.

TACO announces a psychologist’s help before Berlin Major

In response to a fan’s query, current MIBR player Epitácio “TACO” de Melo took to Twitter. He clarified that MIBR has hired a psychologist to help the team resolve internal issues.

TACO’s Tweet roughly translates to: “To clarify: Yes, MiBR, as an excellent organization that is, provided us with a psychologist who is a reference in the area and who will start working with us before the major.”

It is nothing out of the ordinary nowadays for teams and players to seek a psychologist’s aid. We’ve seen reports in the past of teams like Astralis or Team Liquid using a psychologist on the regular, especially at big events. In the situation that coldzera has found himself in, this may yet help him get his head straight.

Troublesome days at MIBR

It is understandable that, as a two-time best player of the year back in SK Gaming days, Marcelo may not feel content with his team’s current performances. The Brazilian powerhouse has failed to reach any LAN final in 2019. Their biggest achievement thus far is reaching the semi-finals of the Katowice Major. With such poor results, it is no wonder that coldzera is becoming frustrated.

A transfer to FaZe, however, may also not be an answer. Doing so would most likely involve a massive cost, as well as replacing one of the current FaZe players. Perhaps it would be wise to give some more time for MIBR to settle down, especially after Lucas “LUCAS1” Teles has just joined the team, replacing João “felps” Vasconcellos.

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