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The new Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports team is here

Four big-time gamers have been chosen for the Mercedes esports team. The team, officially known as “Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports,” will compete in this year’s F1 Esports Series. Here’s the driver line-up.

The team consists of Brendon Leigh, Patryk Krutyj, Harry Jacks, and Dani Bereznay. The players bring with them a diverse range of backgrounds and some top esports titles.

Leigh hails from Britain and won last year’s F1 Esports Series. Jacks, another British driver, competed alongside Leigh at the F1 Esports Series and holds a number of league titles. Then we have the Polish Krutyj and the Hungarian Bereznay. Both bring extraordinary talent. Krutyj even won four major league titles in Poland.

F1 performance centre

The esports team will be based at the same location as the Mercedes Formula 1 team. The hub resides in Brackley and will contain a custom-built esports training centre. This will ensure the team has access to state-of-the-art facilities. Being located alongside the physical F1 team will ensure the gamers receive transfer skills and mentoring. The players will also develop their gaming performance on multiple platforms, enabling them to tackle a range of esports competitions. The centre will give the drivers access to training many of them wouldn’t have received. They’ll be able to work with nutritionists, physical performance coaches, and have well-being support. They’ll most likely receive media training alongside these new skills.

The centre is yet to be finalised, with construction happening in the following weeks.

This announcement comes shortly after Mercedes and Sony teamed up to release the Gran Turismo Sport E-Cup. We may yet see the team compete in this tournament too.

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