Maxlore announces he won't take part in LEC 2020 - Upcomer
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It’s an exciting month for Misfits Gaming as they announce changes to their 2020 roster. In late October, their jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian announced that his contract with Misfits had expired. With his next move up in the air, he started searching for another team to pick him up. Unfortunately, he decided that he will not be a part of the LEC for the upcoming year.

He’s a veteran jungler

Maxlore has a long history of jumping from teams. He started in 2014 as a jungler for Perilous Gaming Rift. He then continued to play for Team Infused, Giants Gaming, and many more. Ultimately landing in Misfits Gaming, he stuck around for two years.

Taking part in the LEC 2019 Summer and Spring matches, Maxlore has shown growth as a player. As he ends this year team-less, he shares that he isn’t giving up. He will continue practicing on his game play and has plans to grind in Solo Queue. His ultimate goal is to find a national team to play with and win the EUM (European Masters).

In a TwitLonger, he wrote: “Thank you to the friends/fans that have supported me through the good times and the bad, sorry that I haven’t won any major titles yet but I promise that will change by the end of my career.”

Losses with Misfits

Earlier this year, Maxlore had been more open about his losses and games. He had interviewed with esports channel Shotcaller on his perspective on teamwork and play style. This came during the LEC Spring Split, where Misfits Gaming had bounced from a win streak to a four-game losing streak. At that time, Maxlore had said: “I’ve just been generally, like, isolating myself. Just working on myself. Improving and momentum and all that. … I don’t take losses too well. I know it’s something I’ve tried to improve on. I’m definitely doing a better job than previous splits.”


Misfits Gaming new roster

As Misfits Gaming announce their new roster, they say goodbye to Maxlore and welcome their new jungler, Iván “Razork” Martín Díaz. Alongside their new picks, they introduce Adrian “Hatchý” Widera as their new Academy team head coach.

As fans are disappointed in this ultimate outcome, they know Maxlore will eventually find a team that will support him. Until then, we will keep you up to date here at Daily Esports!