Mario and Luigi in Fortnite? Awesome fan-made skin concept goes viral!
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The latest Fortnite fan creation is one of the best we’ve seen. Shared to the FortniteBR subreddit, user Liqood posted a couple of impeccable skins featuring Nintendo favorites, Mario and Luigi.

Mario and Luigi in Fortnite? Awesome fan-made skin concept goes viral!

The skin features both Nintendo plumbers in their signature colors, iconic mustaches and famous “M” and “L” lettering. Along with this, they are carrying a plunger for a pickaxe.

Fortnite’s game-changing cosmetics

When Fortnite Battle Royale launched in September of 2017, no one thought anything of it. It seemed to be another PUBG clone except with cartoon animations instead of blood and gore. Well, we all know what happened in the ensuing months. The game blew up in ways no other title ever has. Part of this was due to Epic Games’ divergent style with Battle Royale. Perhaps an equal part of the reason Fortnite blew up was the revolutionary micro-transactions.

While other games like Overwatch and CS:GO made players gamble on RNG in crates, Fortnite let players buy anything in the store. Whether it be an outfit, pickaxe, glider, etc., everything in the store for that particular day could be purchased outright.

Since these skins started to gain in popularity, the players have come up with hundreds of concepts. This Mario and Luigi idea is just the most recent fan creation to gain traction with the community.

And while it is a very clever and creative concept, we probably won’t be seeing it in Fortnite anytime soon.

Getting Nintendo on board

While Epic Games is reluctant to put any fan-made skin into Fortnite, they wouldn’t be the ones with the ultimate verdict here anyway. Nintendo owns the rights to both Mario and Luigi, and have been exceedingly stingy about their appearances in other titles.

Even though it’s just a concept, Nintendo would undoubtedly squash any possibility of Mario holding a rifle or grenade. While Fortnite is a cartoon, it still puts weapons in the hands of its characters.

However, if Nintendo could let a concept like this slide, it would present a great possibility for Epic Games. Fortnite is playable on the Nintendo Switch, signaling the two companies already have some relation. If a concept like this one came to fruition, Epic could present another Switch-exclusive skin.

The first Switch-exclusive skin

The PlayStation 4 already has several exclusive skins catered towards the system’s dominant blue color. This would be a fantastic way to increase activity on the Switch. A skin of this caliber would be incredibly sought-after.

The decision would ultimately be with Nintendo on whether or not they allowed something like this in a shooter game. And unfortunately, that seems highly unlikely.

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