Where to find Marigold's message from a Dead Drop for Fortnite challenge
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The Epic Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Week 13 have gone live for all players. This is supposedly the second to last week for either the Epic or Legendary Quests. That doesn’t mean much to players who already have the Superman cosmetics, or their Battle Pass fully leveled up. However, for players who need some additional XP, the introduction of more challenges is terrific news. One Epic Quest that these players can knock off for some easy XP is finding Marigold’s message from a Dead Drop.

Players are familiar with Dead Drops in Fortnite. They’re essentially used to communicate secretly between the characters of Fortnite, away from the prying eyes of the IO. In Week 13, Marigold has a message she needs players to retrieve from the Dead Drop. Here’s where players can find it so they can cross off this simple Week 13 Epic Quest.

Finding Marigold’s message from a Dead Drop in Fortnite

The Dead Drop, like all others previously, is located in Weeping Woods. Players have some choice in which Dead Drop location they visit, as there are a few different ones located across the wooded POI.

Below, players can see where all three Dead Drops are located in Weeping Woods.

Fortnite Dead Drops
The three Dead Drop locations in Fortnite Season 7. | Provided by Epic Games

Players can land at Weeping Woods if they want to complete this challenge as quickly as possible. However, it might be prudent to grab a weapon, as other players are also going to be trying to complete this quest. Once players have found a Dead Drop, all they need to do is interact with it, which means holding the interact button. This will successfully retrieve Marigold’s message and finish this specific Week 13 Epic Quest.

After finding Marigold’s message from the Dead Drop, players are awarded 30,000 XP for their Fortnite Season 7 Battle Pass.

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