New MTG Arena code for free War of the Spark packs
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War of the Spark has officially released on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Wizards of the Coast is celebrating with a free promo code. With the new set now available, MTG Arena has opened up packs for purchase as well as War of the Spark Sealed. Let’s take a look at all of the new things that are available.

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Free packs promo code

As with most new sets that have been released on Arena, Magic has released a free promo code which gives players three free War of the Spark packs. To redeem the code, you’ll enter the store tab in Arena. In the picture below, I have circled where to put in the Arena promo code. And that code is…


If you’re looking for even more free content, check out our previous post on all of the other codes available for MTG Arena.

war store

War of the Spark Sealed

War of the Spark Sealed costs 2,000 gems per entry. In Sealed, you’ll receive six packs to open and play with. Rewards vary in gems depending on how well you do but all wins award three War of the Spark packs. So, in essence, you’re getting nine packs for 2,000 gems. Not a bad way to start the format as chaining events is relatively simple. If you can win five or six games before losing three, you’ll receive most, if not all, of the gems you spent as rewards.

war sealed


As most of you are aware, Prereleases for War of the Spark will begin in paper form tomorrow at midnight. Be mindful that you keep all the cards you obtain if attending, including your token cards. Each paper Prerelease kit will come with a unique code for one free draft of War of the Spark for Arena as well. So get out there if you can!