Magic: The Gathering announces crossover set with My Little Pony
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No, you didn’t read that headline wrong. The well-known (and somewhat infamous) My Little Pony will be crossing over with Magic: The Gathering. A brand new box set will be released on featuring three unique and exclusive cards. Each features art of characters from the show. Specifically, these characters are Rarity, Nightmare Moon (which can flip to Princess Luna), and Princess Twilight Sparkle.

MTG My Little Pony Rarity MTG My Little Pony Nightmare Moon MTG MLP Princess Luna MTG MLP Twilight Sparkle

A Strange Crossover

Hasbro asked MTG designers to create the set in honor of My Little Pony entering its final season. Crossovers with Hasbro products are nothing new. In the past, special promotional cards for D&D, Nerf, and Transformers have all been created.

These cards are silver-bordered and are therefore not legal in organized play of MTG. They all feature unique abilities and flavor text that harkens back to the show, My Little Pony. In addition, each card bears a unique set symbol, watermark, and foil stamp not found anywhere else in Magic. The cards will be fully foiled (including both sides of the Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna). It should be noted that Princess Twilight Sparkle mentions 4 other unprinted cards. There is no word on whether these cards will be printed or not, but it is likely they could show up in a follow-up box set.

Sales of the set will be given to charity, specifically to Extra Life. The charity raises money for Children’s Network hospitals. If you’re interested in picking up this exclusive (and unique) set, it will be available on from Oct 22 to Nov 5 (or sooner, if sold out). The set will cost $50 and is only available to those with a United States or Canadian address.

In addition to the box set, an exclusive playmat will also be sold. It will cost $100 and features the art of the cards above, as well as the caption “Ponies: The Galloping”. Matching digital Arena sleeves will also be available. The sleeve sets will each cost $3.99 and will be around for a shorter time (Oct 28 through Nov 4).

Should you buy this set?

Short answer: no. Unless you are a fan of the show or want to help with the charity, it isn’t worth the high price tag. The cards aren’t usable outside of extremely casual play and are more for display or as a conversation piece. They will most likely retain their value though, so if you want to invest or try to resell the set for profit, that is a very valid option. Fans of the show will find the set to be a loving tribute to some of the fan-favorite characters.

What do you think of this crossover with My Little Pony? Is it a fantastic idea, or going too far? Let us know down in the comments below!