M1cks becomes Cloud9 CSGO's new assistant coach
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Esports organization Cloud9 announced earlier today that Joshua “M1cks” Micks would become the new assistant coach of its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. After the roster’s recent defeat at the BLAST Pro Series: Copenhagen 2019, the team has been looking to make changes. The addition of this new assistant coach might just be what the team needs to move to the top of the scene.

Micks’ Counter-Strike history

Micks’ history within the CSGO scene dates back quite a few years. However, his career as a coach started back in August of 2018. At the time, he joined the Bravado Gaming roster. Micks started out as the analyst for the roster and later got the opportunity to try out as the coach for the organization. On Jan. 15, 2019 Micks had the chance to begin a trial period for the Spacestation Gaming CSGO team, who were playing in the ESEA Open at the time.

Shortly after starting the trial, however, Micks left Spacestation Gaming to return to his roots as an analyst. This time, he joined the newly formed Rogue roster. The trial lasted for almost two months, from Feb. 4 to Mar. 26, 2019. May 15 was the start of his newest venture, this time as Analyst for the EUnited roster. During his time with EUnited, which lasted until Oct. 23, he helped the team qualify for several of the smaller events. Their biggest success was the team’s 3rd place at the MSI Gaming Arena 2018 event.

A chance to prove himself with Cloud9

Now, M1cks has the opportunity once more to prove himself as a coach for the Cloud9 roster. This move reunites him with the head coach of Cloud9, Tiaaan “T.C.” Coertzen. M1cks and T.C. worked together for several months at Bravado Gaming. How he will now impact the Cloud9 roster in their upcoming tournaments is something that fans are eager to find out.

Cloud9’s next major event will be the Dreamhack Open Leipzig 2020 later this month. For more CSGO news, be sure to read all about Cr4zy selling their CSGO roster.