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The world could always use more heroes, and heroes could always use more breakfast. At least, that’s what Blizzard seems to think with Lúcio-Ohs cereal officially coming to store shelves.

Pop-Tarts: A Beginning

We got our first clue that Blizzard was teaming up with Kellogg’s last month when they announced that you could get a Golden Overwatch loot box by buying three packs of Pop-Tarts.

My old Kelloggs Family account from 2011 wouldn’t let me upload receipts. I had to make a new one. Oh well.

That offer later expanded to reward regular loot boxes for the purchase of any-size packs of Pop-Tarts. The official FAQ lists all participating products. Each Battle.net account can obtain a maximum of 30 loot boxes. There’s also a separate offer going on for a “Loot Boost,” which grants a bonus loot box for your next three level-ups, with slightly different participating products.

But Blizzard and Kellogg’s have something else up their sleeve. This Sunday, thejunkfoodaisle.com announced that Kellogg’s and Blizzard will be bringing Overwatch‘s Lúcio-Ohs to life!

The Story Behind Lucio-Ohs

For those not in the know, Lúcio-Oh’s started out as one of Lúcio’s initial 25 sprays. Later, Orisa’s creator Efi mentioned the cereal on her shopping list, reinforcing the numerous hints she was a massive fan of Lúcio. The fandom took a liking to Lúcio-Ohs due to how out-of-place a random box of cereal seemed, though others were mad that Blizzard didn’t use the aesthetically-pleasing name “Luci-Ohs.” Blizzard’s Twitter had its own argument for the canon name, but I have to confess I agree with the Luci-Ohs crowd, though that ship has certainly sailed by now.

The next chapter came during the 2017 Anniversary Event when Lúcio gained the new voice line, “Have some Lúcio-Ohs!” Every mic-spammer in the community quickly took advantage of the voice line’s unusual inflection. Even a year later you can still find battlefield Lúcios reminding everyone of his favorite cereal every five seconds.

Blizzard’s original goal with Lúcio-Ohs was to highlight how Lúcio, as a media sensation and famous rock star, would presumably have tie-in brand products. And promotional breakfast cereals have a long and time-honored history, usually Lucky Charms ripoffs with thematic marshmallows. Lúcio-Ohs have taken things in another direction, looking like yellow and green Fruit Loops and apparently flavored “sonic vanilla.” I can only imagine what sonic vanilla will taste like. At least it sounds like something new and different from the cereals already on the market. They didn’t go the easy route like Johnny Bravo Flakes, which were just larger Frosted Flakes.

Lúcio-Ohs: The Future of Cereal

Lúcio-Ohs hit the market sometime this December. They’ll come with the same loot box promotions that Pop-Tarts are offering right now. There’s no word yet on whether the promotions stack. You might want to hold off on purchasing 30 boxes of Pop-Tarts right now if you’re hoping to later get a few from Lúcio-Ohs. There’s also no word on how long the promotion will last; endorsed cereals don’t usually stick around for long, but Disney’s Frozen cereal is still on shelves three years later, so who can really know?