Lost Ark guides hub – How to navigate the world of Arkesia
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Lost Ark, formerly only available in Korea, is an MMORPG that has taken the entire world by storm. After its long-awaited western release on Feb. 11, the game hit one million concurrent viewers and users on Twitch and Steam, respectively. With so many new players joining the world of Arkesia every day, Upcomer has compiled a list of every guide that you will need to conquer the early part of Lost Ark.

These guides range from answering frequently asked questions to diving deep into the game’s class system. This hub will continually be updated with guides as soon as they’re published on Upcomer to help players navigate their way through the different stages of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark guides hub

The guides will be separated into different subsections. These subsections will contain the guide links that most pertain to that section. This way, you can find whatever you’re looking for by simply scrolling through the page.

The class system

The combat system


Community posts

As stated above, this guide will be updated with new guides every day, so keep coming back to see the new Lost Ark content.

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