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The biggest crossover event in Riot Games history is here as the Sentinels of Light event has risen. The new event permeates the universes of every Riot title: VALORANT, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics and, of course, League of Legends. Less than two weeks after the PROJECT: Bastion event concluded, Sentinels of Light brings League fans yet another battle pass. This guide will go over everything the League of Legends Sentinels of Light 2021 pass entails, including all available missions and token rewards to be earned. The Sentinels of Light event runs from July 8 through August 10.

Sentinels of Light 2021 Battle Pass cost breakdown

Just like all previous events, the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass is listed for 1,650 RP. The pass comes with 4x Ruined 2021 Loot Orbs and 200x Sentinels 2021 event tokens right out of the gate. The pass also fully unlocks all of the premium content available in the Sentinels of Light event. This includes 20 Milestone missions, 4 Weekly Win missions and token rewards after every game.

LoL Sentinels 2021 Pass Bundle

There is a second package available in the in-client store that skin collectors and Pantheon mains may find to their liking. The LoL Sentinels 2021 pass bundle costs 2,650 RP and comes with everything in the 1,650 RP pass, along with the all-new Ruined Pantheon skin, as well as the accompanying loading screen border and player icon. Players that don’t already own Pantheon will also have the champion unlocked. Keep in mind that the champion is essentially a bonus in this package; players that already own Pantheon will not receive a discount off the 2,650 RP price tag.

While most players are better served sticking to the 1,650 RP pass, the 2,650 RP bundle is a significant bargain for those that are interested in the Ruined Pantheon skin. The extra 1,000 RP is already a discount on the traditional 1,350 RP price point for the Epic rarity skin, making the loading screen border, icon and champion (for those that don’t have it) essentially free.

Tip: If you are undecided on purchasing the Ruined Pantheon skin bundle, you can purchase the 1,650 RP pass first and spend the extra 1,000 RP later to nab the rest of the bundle if you decide you want it. There is no increase in the overall cost if you purchase the pass first.

Ruined Pantheon is the add-on skin available in the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass bundle.
Ruined Pantheon is the base version of the Ascended Pantheon skin. This skin can be purchased at a discount in the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass bundle. | Art provided by Riot Games

Battle Pass Token Rewards

The greatest perk of any League of Legends battle pass is the generic token rewards that are unlocked on every game played. Players that purchase the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass will earn tokens after every matchmade game, win or lose. There is no limit to how many tokens can be earned this way. This means that for active players, these rewards really add up throughout the month.

The following is a table that breaks down just how much tokens are rewarded after every game.

Objective Reward
Win a game of Summoner’s Rift 10 tokens
Lose a game of Summoner’s Rift 5 tokens
Win a game of ARAM 6 tokens
Lose a game of ARAM 3 tokens
Win a game of Ultimate Spellbook 6 tokens
Lose a game of Ultimate Spellbook 3 tokens
Achieve a rank of 1 or 2 in TFT 8 tokens
Achieve a rank of 3 or 4 in TFT 6 tokens
Achieve a rank of 5 or 6 in TFT 4 tokens
Achieve a rank of 7 or 8 in TFT 2 tokens

With the above token rewards, combined with the tokens available in the Weekly Win and Free-to-Play missions, players that are active enough have the opportunity to unlock the Ascended Pantheon Prestige Edition skin for 2,000 tokens without any further real life spending.

Ascended Pantheon is a twist on the Ruined Pantheon skin. According to a statement from Riot Games, the skin, “depicts an alternate timeline where the human spirit inside Pantheon overcomes Ruination.”

Ultimate Spellbook is the first new game mode coming to League of Legends since 2018
Ultimate Spellbook is the first new game mode coming to League of Legends since 2018. | Screengrab provided by Riot Games

Sentinels of Light 2021 Milestone Missions List

As outlined above, the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass also unlocks 20 Milestone missions for players to work through. These missions award all kinds of goodies, including prestige points, emotes, gemstones, essence (both blue and orange) and a Masterwork Chest.

Milestone mission only have one condition: activity. Each milestone requires 15 activity points to be completed. A player gains 5 activity points for every win and 2 points for every loss in a matchmade game.

Mission Reward
Milestone 1 Sentinels of Light Pass Icon
Milestone 2 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 3 10 Win XP Boost
Milestone 4 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 5 Emote: Boo
Milestone 6 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 7 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 8 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 9 Emote: Spooked
Milestone 10 5 Prestige Points
Milestone 11 Emote: The Crown
Milestone 12 1500 Blue Essence
Milestone 13 500 Orange Essence
Milestone 14 Mystery Emote Permanent
Milestone 15 1 Gemstone
Milestone 16 Hextech Key
Milestone 17 1 Masterwork Chest
Milestone 18 750 Orange Essence
Milestone 19 Ruined Orb
Milestone 20 1 Gemstone

Milestone missions are sequential, meaning one has to be completed before the next is unlocked.

Weekly Win Missions

The biggest batch of tokens available in the LoL Sentinels of Light 2021 pass come in the Weekly Win missions. These four missions unlock gradually throughout the month and each rewards hundreds of tokens.

Weekly Win missions use the same scoring system as milestone missions. Players will earn 5 activity points per matchmade win and 2 points per loss.

Mission Reward
Week 1 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 2 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 3 | Score 35 Points 230 tokens
Week 4 | Score 50 Points 310 tokens

While Weekly Win missions do require a bit of grinding to complete, these missions don’t expire until the end of the event. Players will have ample time to complete all four of these missions to draw the maximum amount of free tokens available in the Sentinels of Light battle pass.

For a complete and comprehensive overview of the event, check out the official Riot Games Sentinels of Light 2021 release blog.

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