LoL pros are now allowed to stream tournament realm matches
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As announced on the NALCS Players Association Twitter account, professional League of Legends players can now stream tournament realm matches. Previously, Riot forbid professional players from stream matches from this private scrim and tournament-only server. However, in an agreement with the NALCS Players Association, Riot changed their previous ruling and will allow such streams from now on. This will supposedly allow the players to get more quality practice on a server with low ping.

What exactly is the tournament realm?

The tournament realm is a private League of Legends server, presumably located somewhere in Los Angeles. Only LCS and Academy players are allowed to play on the server, and they use it for scrims and practice. It tries to simulate stage-like conditions with low ping and no trolls like those found in NA ranked queues.

However, as already mentioned, the pros previously weren’t allowed to stream from the server. This rule was supposedly set to avoid leaks concerning team strategies, picks, scrim results, etc. Since many professional players stream in their free time, this rule made them avoid the server for practice altogether. This meant they would get worse practice quality, yes, but it also allowed them to entertain their fans.

With the rule now revoked, pros will no doubt consider practicing on the tournament realm and streaming it to their audience at the same time. We don’t expect them to stream scrims, but it certainly opens up a plethora of content-related possibilities.

The first big move for the NALCS Players Association

With franchising, Riot wanted to include as many aspects of other franchised sports in League as possible. The NALCS Players Association is an organization that helps players, interacts with league officials, and gives players a voice in important matters concerning them. However, many have critiqued the NALCS Players Association for not doing anything since its inception. While we can’t see what happens behind the scenes, the tournament realm news seems to be the first big thing they have done. An important first step, and hopefully not the last one either.

Do you think this change will impact the competitive integrity in League of Legends esports? Let us know in the comments below! And for more League of Legends news, stay in touch with Daily Esports.