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League of Legends patch 10.25 is the next update to come to the rift, and gameplay design director Mark Yetter released a preview of what’s to come. The next patch will include much-needed item changes, especially after Riot rolled out the item overhaul a few weeks ago.

Nerfing tank items

Although the revealed changes aren’t final, it’s a good indication of what this patch will bring. Some popular items such as Sunfire Aegis, Frostfire Gauntlet, and Duskblade will receive some pretty harsh nerfs. Other items that need attention like Galeforce, Infinity Edge, and Ardent Censer may receive buffs. Overall, players are in for some tweaks to the tank meta.

Sunfire Aegis has been a concern for many top lane and jungler players ever since the updated release of the store. This item had recently undergone a hotfix on November 16, nerfing its base and bonus damage. Even after the nerf, this item is still proven to be one of the strongest tank items for crowd control brawlers. Similarly, Bami’s Cinder received the same hotfix and is also still considered pretty strong.

The nerf on Muramana has received some mixed feedback, as most Ezreal players find the nerf to be useless. For the upcoming patch, Muramana will now proc on all Physical Damaging abilities. Ezreal and Corki rely on this item, and the nerf may hurt their viability as the change rolls out.

A long list of LoL buffs

Ardent Censer’s new formula will replace Blasting Wand with an Amplifying Tome. Blasting Wand is much more expensive than Amplifying Tome, and it doesn’t fit in for supports as much as it does with mages. Riot will implement the same change to Staff of Flowing Water, making both items possibly more efficient for healing enchanters.

Overall, it seems like this upcoming patch may mostly affect tank champions. The current meta favors tanks, and after seeing the proposed changes, ADCs and supports may soon be the main focus this season. Riot may finalize the changes a few days before 10.25 goes live on December 9.