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League of Legends’ gameplay design director Mark Yetter revealed some champion updates for the upcoming patch 10.25. Alongside item buffs and nerfs, there’s a long list of champion changes that mid laners should pay attention to.

Riot will be nerfing eight champions that are mostly ranged and magic-focused. If the changes go through, Morgana’s W damage per second will be lowered, and Annie’s E movement speed will get changed to 20 – 50%. Additionally, Fizz’s mana per level is expected to go from 57 to 37, and Kayn’s base armor, damage, and Q cooldown will also undergo some dramatic changes.

Buffs and nerfs for plenty of champions in LoL Patch 10.25

Aside from the nerfs, League‘s long list of buffs is a treat for all players who play a variety of roles. The updates range from Warwick receiving a passive damage increase to Nasus’ Q cooldown getting lowered. Yone and Yasuo are receiving some hefty Attack Speed buffs. After the Rageblade adjustments in patch 10.23, they haven’t been the most efficient champions on the rift, so hopefully, this update will bring them back to viability.

One of the notable changes is Lulu’s buff. Hitting a target with both bolts of her Q deals 25% increased damage. This changed her Q damage from 80 – 200 to 70 – 210. Pantheon will also benefit from his buff in the top lane. As a result, this means that his place as support will no longer be as effective for the upcoming patch. Riot posted an update on Pantheon’s changes earlier last week. These details include changes in his base stats and abilities.

Additionally, a handful of junglers will also receive some impactful buffs. For instance, Ivern will receive some cooldown adjustments, possibly pushing up his play rate, which is currently standing at 0.89%.

The details for 10.25 aren’t yet finalized, but players should hear some final word on the changes a few days before the patch goes live on December 9.