LoL global and regional power rankings for Feb. 28
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This week marks the halfway point for the League Championship Series, and about the two-thirds point for the League of Legends European Championship, the League of Legends Pro League and the League of Legends Champions Korea. Thus the Power Rankings are finally stabilizing with so much context for each region and roster.

That said, Fnatic and Top Esports have each joined the list this week for the first time this year since the games began. Each of them are on a pretty decent surge in their respective region. Team Liquid dropped out thanks to a loss last weekend, but with Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in making a full return this week, they’re a team to keep an eye on.

Playoffs are fast approaching, with the 2022 Mid Season Invitational right behind it. Teams who have failed to make the power ranking will need to step it up if they want a shot at the next international title.

10. Top Esports, LPL

Record:  6-4 (13-13) | Results this week: 1-0 (2-1) | Movement this week: New

Top Esports made our original pre-season power ranking thanks to an incredible roster full of star power. Not only do they have former World Champions in Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo and Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang, but they also have one of the LPL’s strongest mid laners, Zhuo “knight” Ding.

Despite all that, they haven’t had the most impressive year, with quite a few 0-2 losses peppered across the season. While their roster on paper could definitely win the LPL spring split, they haven’t yet proven that they can play anywhere near their ceiling.

Top Esports are currently on a hot streak, though, so they’ve popped their heads into the 10th place slot for the time being. The main caveat here is that most of those recent wins have come against bottom-half teams. Their win over Edward Gaming, however, solidifies them a bit as a real contender. This week they play Bilibili Gaming and LNG Esports, two solid teams. If TES can go 2-0, they’ll cement themselves. But if they fail, they’ll prove they’re just gatekeepers who got lucky against an EDG team using a substitute.

— Parkes “parqueso” Ousley

9. Fnatic, LEC

Record: 11-4 | Results this week: 2-0 | Movement this week: New

All of the best western teams have currently dropped games against weaker opponents. This is also true for top teams in the LPL and LCK. However due to the Best-Of-One nature of the LEC and LCS, this is heavily punished in the West. It is hard to justify Team Liquid making it into this ranking after a loss to Golden Guardians.

Instead, Fnatic have shown a lot of strength in the LEC last week while beating both their opponents. All five of their players proved their individual skill and managed to take down Rogue convincingly. They are most likely the best performing team in the West right now as we’re getting into the last week of LEC before playoffs.

— Brieuc “LEC Wooloo” Seeger


Record: 7-5 (18-11) | Results this week: 1-1 (2-2) | Movement this week: +1

DWG KIA continue their stay in the bottom positions of Upcomer rankings after yet another 1-1 week. While nobody expected them to beat T1 given the team’s current form, they failed to extend the series to a third game. They started well in Game 1 with four shutdowns on Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong before 12 minutes. However, they fell apart in the mid-game and it became a one sided affair after that.

DK quickly bounced back in the game against Kwangdong Freecs to hold on to third place. Mid laner, Heo “ShowMaker” Su ended the series deathless with a 7/0/14 (Kill/Death/Assist) ratio. Moreover DK’s botlane duo and jungler completely dominated Game 1 against Freecs with the Rakan, Hecarim and Jinx combination.

While DK fall short against Gen.G and T1, they remain the third best team in the LCK and a hard squad to take down on their good days.

— Rashidat Jimoh

7. Royal Never Give Up, LPL

Record: 7-3 (15-10) | Results this week: 0-1 (0-2)  | Movement this week: -2

So Parkes has decided to abandon Royal’s boat this week, I wonder why hmmm…

It’s quite hard to rank RNG this week. Due to how the LPL is scheduled, they’ve only played one series the entire last week and that was a loss against Rare Atom. Due to that, RNG have moved a few places down and remain on the list due to some of their performances before this single series.

Mid laner Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao remains fierce, but might be relying a bit too much on some of his recent comfort picks like Corki or Vex, while top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin is either hard carrying or hard chilling (RNG will hope for the former). Finally, jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei has struggled a bit in recent matches and will be looking to find better form.

Xiaohu RNG
Xiaohu has been one of the best mid laners in the LPL for years, and even after spending 2021 in the top lane, he’s still got it. | Provided by Riot Games

Maybe the quiet week will do them good, because they will be running the gauntlet against Weibo Gaming and Edward Gaming this week. Will the Royals rise once more?

— E.G. “Megalodontus” Kant

6. Bilibili Gaming, LPL

Record: 7-3 (17-10) | Results this week: 2-0 (4-2) | Movement this week: +2

While they didn’t have the hardest schedule, Bilibili Gaming won both their series against JD Gaming and Team WE this week. They are now in fourth position of the LPL and solidify themselves as a top team in the region. But, they did drop one game in both those series. They will need to be more consistent in order to be feared by anyone.

Interestingly, they fielded bot laner Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan for both their games this week, who seems to remain the starter of the team at the moment. Next week they will face off against TES, who made it to the tenth place of this ranking this week, so that might be a series to look forward to.

— Seeger

5. Edward Gaming, LPL

Record: 7-3 (15-7) | Results this week: 0-2 (1-4) | Movement this week: -4

To say that Edward Gaming had a rough week would be an understatement. For the second week in a row, EDG found themselves on the losing end of a 2-0 defeat, this time at the hands of Victory 5. They dismantled EDG in back-to-back sub-30 minute victories. But that wasn’t the only match EDG played in during Week 6 of the LPL 2022 spring split.

Looking to get back on track, EDG squared off with Top Esports, but this time without their world champion top laner Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun. For the third time this split, Huang “Xiaoxiang” Xiang was subbed in but unlike the previous two occasions, EDG couldn’t put it together and after a collapse in Game 3, EDG found themselves with their first 0-2 week of the split.

Things that happen once are miracles, things that happen more than once aren’t anymore. EDG have questions that need to be answered heading into Week 7 when they face off against Royal Never Give Up.

— Warren Younger

4. Gen.G, LCK

Record: 10-2 (20-7) | Results this week: 2-0 (4-0) | Movement this week: +3

Gen.G are 4-0 over their past four series and have not dropped a game in that time frame. While first may be out of reach thanks to a surging T1, they are solidly ahead of the rest of the LCK pack record and skill-wise.

While it took a few weeks for the team to gel and they were set back a tad thanks to COVID-19, substitutes Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon and Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon now look like they have chemistry together and can play off of either lane. The team also has Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk as a late game threat, especially with the current bot lane meta, and with so many options, Gen.G’s ceiling almost looks limitless.

— Declan McLaughlin

3. Weibo Gaming, LPL

Record: 9-1 (19-7) | Results this week: 2-0 (4-2) | Movement this week: —

Weibo continue to rack up wins, and this week they point to a 2-0 score that puts them on top of the standings.

As in previous rankings, Weibo remain in the top three best teams in the world, with TheShy continuing to play superbly reminiscent of the best times when the Korean was considered one of the best or the best in his position. In addition Huanfeng is playing at a spectacular level, being one of the best bot laners in the competition.

Weibo beat one of their direct rivals as LNG 2-1 and another victory against Oh My God 2-1. Weibo is tied nine wins to one loss for first place against Victory Five.

— Alejandro “anonimotum” Gomis

2. Victory Five, LPL

Record: 9-1 (19-8) | Results this week: 2-0 (4-0) | Movement this week: +2

Victory 5 have had a historic turnaround this split, going from last place in the LPL all the way to second in the global power rankings. V5’s journey to the second spot this week was thanks to their incredible performance during Week 6 of the LPL 2022 spring split.

After a somewhat shaky performance against LGD Gaming, V5 went up against the reigning Worlds 2021 champions, EDG, but did not look shaky in the slightest. V5 decisively 2-0’d EDG to catapult them into a tie for first place in the LPL. But their week was not done yet. To close out the week, V5 picked up another 2-0 victory against LNG Esports, who just a couple of weeks ago were on top of the world.

The kingslayers of V5 have been battle-tested against the LPL’s best and have come out on top. The 9-1 team has threats in every lane and looks like one of the top contenders to represent the LPL at MSI later this year.

— Younger

1. T1, LCK

Record: 12-0 (24-5) | Results this week: 2-0 (4-0) | Movement this week: +1

With the fall of EDG, and their continued win streak, T1 has claimed the top spot in our world rankings. The team still looks as decisive as ever as they took down DK easily to start the week, smashing the 2022 Worlds finalists in Game 1 and then ending the series in Game 2 with better shot calling in the mid and late game.

It seems like no other team in the LCK can compete against T1, especially as they have been able to deal with the middle table teams with ease, a problem other LCK squads seem to have.

T1 Faker
In a scene now filled with zoomers, we still chant “Faker, Faker, playmaker.”  | Provided by Riot Games

T1’s true test to their undefeated streak will be next week as they face off against Gen.G. They could cement themselves as the top squad in the world for a second week in a row. Their path to an undefeated split is relatively easy after this matchup as well.

— McLaughlin

Regional Rankings


  1. Team Liquid (TL)
  2. Cloud9 (C9)
  3. Golden Guardians (GG)
  4. 100 Thieves (100)
  5. Evil Geniuses (EG)


  1. Fnatic (FNC)
  2. Rogue (RGE)
  3. Misfits (MSF)
  4. Excel (XL)
  5. Team Vitality (VIT)


  1. T1 (T1)
  2. Gen.G (GEN)
  3. DWG KIA (DK)
  4. DRX (DRX)
  5. Kwangdong Freecs (KDF)


  1. Victory Five (V5)
  2. Weibo Gaming (WBG)
  3. Edward Gaming (EDG)
  4. Bilibili Gaming (BLG)
  5. Royal Never Give Up