Location for Apex Legends Mirage Town Takeover revealed
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As Christmas draws near, Respawn seems to be getting into the holiday spirit. As we reported earlier this week, there will be a Christmas and winter-themed event coming soon to Apex Legends. The event will bring players a new Limited Time Mode called the ‘Winter Express’. This LTM is basically Search and Destroy from Call of Duty, in which one team must eliminate the other to win that particular round. The event will also come along with a Town Takeover featuring Mirage.

The event will be taking place around World’s Edge and Mirage’s Town Takeover will be centered around a previously unknown area of the map. Thanks to the work of data miners, we now have a pretty good idea of that location.

Apex Legends Mirage Town Takeover location revealed

So far in Apex Legends, there have been three Town Takeovers for individual Legends. The original focused around Octane, the second featured Wraith, and the third was based around Pathfinder. Now, we have Mirage taking center stage, something not unfamiliar to the attention-grabbing character.

It’s unknown what exactly this Town Takeover will entail. However, we do now know where on the map it will be taking place. Thanks to @iLootGames on Twitter, we have the exact location for Mirage’s Town Takeover.

This section of the World’s Edge map is unnamed and for good reason. No one really ventures out to this section of the map because there’s not a whole lot near it. It sits between the two high-profile areas of Capitol City and Drill Site, making it almost useless.

Of course, it won’t remain useless for long now that it appears Mirage’s Takeover will be heading here. This week, some construction poles were added to the area, signifying the start of the process.

Apex Legends Mirage Town Takeover
Mirage’s Town Takeover should be arriving in Apex Legends within the next week or so. Credit to PVPxOfficial for the image.

The specific dates for the Takeover and the Winter Express event have yet to be revealed, though we should know more within the coming days. A logical release date for both events would be sometime next week, if not sooner.

We will keep you up to date as new details are revealed. For now, stay tuned with Daily Esports for all of your Apex Legends coverage.

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