LNG announces major changes for its League of Legends roster
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Earlier today, it was announced that Chinese League of Legends team Li-Ning Gaming (LNG) has signed two new players to their roster. These new signings come just hours after the announcement of their new head coach joining the roster.

Former Flash Wolves coach to lead LNG

The Flash Wolves roster only disbanded two days ago, but Chinese teams have been quick to jump on the opportunity. Earlier today, Royal Never Give Up signed the marksman player of the Flash wolves. Now, LNG has signed the former head coach to lead their roster in the 2020 season. Lin “Cyo” Hsin-Yu (林昕宥) has been at the top of the Taiwanese League of Legends scene since 2016. Throughout this time, Cyo has filled both the role of coach and Top laner for the Flash Wolves roster.

Maple reunites with coach Cyo

Maple LOL

Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang (黃熠棠) signed with the LNG roster earlier today. Maple reunites with his old coach after competing in China under the Suning banner throughout the 2019 season. In his time with Suning, Maple managed to learn a lot about the different playstyles of the LPL.

Maple will compete with LNG’s Bae “Plex” Ho-young (배호영) for the starter position this season. However, chances are that both players will share the stage time equally at the start of the competitive season. The reason for this is Plex’s lackluster summer split. The team did not reach the expectations of the fans and only placed 7th, missing out on the LPL 2019 summer playoffs.

Big shoes to fill for LNG’s new Jungler


After Lê “SofM” Quang Duy left the roster on Nov 26, the roster had a massive gap. LNG had been famous for its top-jungle duo, SofM and Li “Flandre” Xuan-Jun (李炫君), after all. SofM and Flandre had been together since the summer split of 2016, a bond that can’t be easily replaced. However, this is the task for the new jungler of LNG, Xiong “Xx” Yu-Long (熊宇龙). Xx competed under the Top Esports banner since Dec 2017. During this time, he has been one of the top-performing junglers of the region.

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