LLA to be continued online, no set return date for matches
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Just like the LEC and LCS, the Latin America League (LLA) will continue the rest of their games online. Recently, the LLA suspended their Spring Opening matches due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Other professional League of Legends leagues made the same decision to protect the health of their teams and staff. This left many fans, players, and teams uncertain about when they will be back on the rift. Luckily, solutions started emerging as most regions took their games from a live audience to online servers, and the LLA is following along.

In a statement on the official LLA Twitter account, Riot Games Latinoamérica shared a few updates with their fans. Daily Esports translated the Spanish post to English: “We want to give you an update regarding what happened these last days in the LLA and the near future of it.” The statement continues, stating they focused on four areas in the decision to bring the games online.

Factors leading to the LLA’s solutions

The decision came as a result of several different pieces of information. They first consulted with the teams. It was important for them to know the players’ thoughts on what to do next. Secondly, they contacted other regions for insight on how they’re planning to move forward with best practices. Additionally, the LLA wanted to make sure the infrastructure within every team’s Gaming House was technically equipped to play and broadcast. It’s important for each team to have a good connection on their server. The most important factor in their decision included player integrity, making sure teams play fair games.

They close the statement with their final decision. “After compiling the necessary data, and assessing the situation, we’ve decided… that our league will continue to play online.” Although the games are to continue online, they still need more time to test their set up, which means there will be no matches this weekend.

Towards the end, they promise to update fans as soon as possible. “We’re all in this together, and we want you to know everything that’s happening behind the scenes in our efforts to return as soon as possible. That’s why we will be offering you another update next Tuesday afternoon.”

Followers were not too happy to hear they are spending another weekend without the LLA. Nonetheless, many are excited about their return.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for further updates on the rest of the LLA Opening Season.