LiViD Gaming drops its CSGO roster, effective immediately
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LiViD Gaming has announced they’ve parted ways with their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. Formerly known as Team LiViD, the team is a Canadian esports organization founded in 2016. They’ve been active in CSGO for two years after signing QcClan in August of 2018.

The team’s performance has always been middle of the road. Their peak year was in 2019 when the organization won ESEA season 31 of advanced and placed second at the DreamHack Canadian Championship. Following DreamHack, LiViD placed second at WESG North America 2019.

Since then, however, their performances haven’t resulted in much. Known as District 7 (D7) in the Mountain Dew League (MDL), their record shows mix results (6-9, including two wins by forfeit). The team can best lower-tier MDL teams, but it struggles against mid- to high-tier squads.

“Lack of seriousness”

LiViD’s official announcement states that the decision was not easy for the organization. Andrew Vespoli, the owner of LiViD Gaming, provided the following as their reasons for ultimately going ahead with this:

Due to the lack of seriousness of the players, and failure to demonstrate a positive attitude towards the game, season and organization, we will no longer be supporting the current roster, active immediately.

LiViD’s statement, true or not, comes off as harsh. It’s difficult to say without more details the current state of the team’s morale, their interpersonal relationships, or the issues they may be experiencing. Nevertheless, community consensus thus far agrees that, despite LiViD’s announcement, the group has serious players with great potential.

Additionally, it’s interesting to note that Abdo “c4lypso” Agha was, apparently, already no longer on the roster. According to the MDL’s D7 roster history, he had already departed a day earlier, on Mar. 10 at 10:47 p.m.

Moving forward

This doesn’t mean the end of LiViD’s involvement in CSGO, though. To end their statement, Vespoli notes that the organization is actively seeking a new roster, presumably for the next season of ESEA.

LiViD’s now-former roster remains in MDL with the following starting line-up:

  • Danny “huynh” Huynh
  • Michael “MKael” De Luca
  • Anthony “gMd” Guimond
  • Mathieu “INCRED” Bergeron

As of yet, there is no official announcement on the status of c4lypso and his involvement with the team. A fifth member has also not yet been announced.

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Minna Adel Rubio is an esports journalist with an interest in first-person-shooter games. She specializes in class-based, arena, and tactical shooters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, Overwatch, and Team Fortress 2. Additionally, Minna is a senior CS:GO guides writer at Dignitas and a graduate student. Catch her on Twitter for memes and more content!