Level cap in Apex Legends Season 14 rises to 2,000
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The waiting room for Apex Legends Season 14 has begun to grow larger and larger over the past few days. Earlier this week, EA and Respawn Entertainment announced the bulk of content and changes coming to Season 14. This includes the new legend, Vantage, changes to King’s Canyon and some of the cosmetics available on the Battle Pass. The Season 14 update will also bring Apex Legend’s level cap to 2,000.

The increase in level cap has been one of the most-requested changes from the community over the last year, and the developers are finally delivering.

As of right now, the level cap in Apex is 500. It has been this way since December 2020. The levels in Apex Legends allow players to earn free Apex Packs, which are used to unlock in-game cosmetic items, such as Heirloom Shards. Players want to earn and open as many packs as possible because after they open 500 of them, they’re guaranteed to earn Heirloom Shards, which are used to unlock Heirloom items for legends.

The increased level cap in Season 14 gives veteran players more to grind for. But what has the level cap been increased to in Apex Legends?

The increased level cap in Apex Legends

When Season 14 arrives on Aug. 9, the level cap will increase to 2,000. Players that are already at 500 will have a whopping 1,500 extra levels to unlock in Apex Legends. The way the new cap works is that players will still only go to 500 levels. However, after they reach that threshold, they’ll restart at Level 1 and then go up to 500 again. Every time a player reaches 500 and resets, they will receive an icon that shows other players how many times they’ve reached level 500, similar to how the prestige system works in Call of Duty.

With the added 1,500 levels available in Apex Legends, there will be a total of 345 extra Apex Packs available for players to earn. That’s a lot of free cosmetics to earn and should give players the necessary packs they need to unlock an Heirloom weapon.

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