Legends of Runeterra reveals Bilgewater as latest region
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The latest trailer for the official release of Legends of Runeterra takes players to the pirate-y region of Bilgewater. The short trailer doesn’t reveal any new cards, instead showing off the artwork and highlighting the nautical theme of the set. Not only does the video have a jaunty theme song, but it also spoils one of the new champions coming to Legends of Runeterra, Miss Fortune.

In the video, we see the artwork for several cards, along with audio from the game. While nothing has yet been confirmed, early speculation on Reddit has identified the names of several of the cards based on the audio clips. While this information could change, it does appear to be accurate:

  • Lariette Rose – “Times up Bilgerat, you’re all over the bounty board.”
  • Black Market Merchant – “My selection speaks for itself.”
  • Monster Hunter Ships – “There! Across the way. Harpooning!”
  • Devourer of the Depth – “Neither the flames nor the depths, can claim me.”

The video ends with Miss Fortune sailing towards the lawless port city of Bilgewater. Miss Fortune isn’t the only champion from this region though, with Gangplank, Fizz, Graves, Illaoi, and more calling Bilgewater home.

Minor Legends of Runeterra spoilers ahead

Thanks to audio clips dataminers leaked earlier this year, we know that there are several Bilgewater champions in the works for Legends of Runeterra. While this doesn’t confirm what Riot will be releasing in the near future, it can give us an idea of what to expect.

Twisted Fate, Gangplank, Fizz, and Nautilus have all had voice lines leaked by dataminers. Unfortunately, which of these champions will arrive alongside Miss Fortune is still unknown.

With 120 new cards being added to Legends of Runeterra once it releases April 30, it’s going to be an exciting time. For more spoilers and other news, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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