Legends of Runeterra drops a ton of spoilers with new keyword Plunder
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Riot Games dropped a ton of new spoilers for Legends of Runeterra on Twitter, most of which include the new keyword Plunder. As a neat twist, Plunder is not specific to the newly announced Bilgewater region. Instead, it’s shown on four Freljord cards as well. Let’s take a look at the cards Riot released today and see how they might shake up the game.

Pirates gonna Plunder in Legends of Runeterra

Let’s start with the Plunder mechanic, which is easily one of the most exciting additions to Runeterra. A unit with Plunder checks to see if the enemy’s nexus has been damaged that round when it enters the battlefield. It if has, the ability will resolve. The damage can be either combat or noncombat, it just has to have been damaged this round.

Legends of Runeterra Spoiler Plunder

This little Plunder Poro not only has an impressive beard but gains two random keywords when its Plunder ability triggers. Other Runeterra cards, like the elusive Smooth Soloist, are much more impressive. While it costs 8 mana, its Plunder ability reduces the cost of all other units in your hand and deck by two. It might not see a ton of play in elusive-based lists, but the ability to reduce mana costs is huge.

The other Epic card that was spoiled is Jagged Taskmaster. Also from the Bilgewater region, this card’s Plunder ability grants one cost allies everywhere +1/+0. Pair this card with Kinkou Wayfinder in a Zed Elusive list, and your cheap creatures can suddenly become much bigger threats.

Plunderers beyond Bilgewater

Bilgewater isn’t the only Runeterra region with Plunder, though. Freljord also sports a few cards with the new keyword. First up is Ursine Spiritwalker, a five-mana 4/6 that, ideally, will only be cast with its Plunder ability active. With it, Ursine Spiritwalker transforms into Stormclaw Ursine when it enters play. With it transformed, it gives Overwhelm to all other units with 5 or more power. Players should cast this unit after attacking, but if they cannot push damage through, it might be tough to trigger.

Legends of Runeterra Plunder Guide

Easily the most exciting card for Freljord is The Tuskraider. It might be a bit of a win-more card, but doubling the power and health of all allied units in your deck is hard to ignore. Every unit becomes an immediate threat and will outclass any similarly cost card your opponent might play from that point on. What makes this card so powerful is its second ability, which draws a Sejuani when it comes into play. If players can trigger the Plunder ability, it will make Sejuani an even bigger threat.

With still 72 cards left to spoil for Legends of Runeterra, make sure to follow Daily Esports for all your spoiler news!

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