Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.3: The Vault's overhaul
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Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.3 introduces the changes discussed last week to the weekly free rewards of The Vault. The Vault now scales infinitely, and XP will be easier to obtain with the new changes. In addition, players can now purchase an unlimited amount of each wild card tier, something previously locked behind a weekly cap.

New Vault rewards

This week’s Runeterra update introduces a massive upgrade to the weekly free reward of the Vault. Some of the notable changes include the Expedition Token, which is now rewarded at level 2 and above, rather than at level 10 and above Vaults. Another change awards a random Champion card to players who end the week with a level 5 to 9 Vault. At level 10 and above, the Vault awards a random Champion Wildcard instead. You can use the Champion Wildcard to unlock any champion card of your choosing.

Vault Rewards Legends of Runeterra
Image by Riot Games

Riot has also added a new tier of rewards for the dedicated players who manage to unlock their Vault at Level 13 and above. Level 13 was previously the highest reward, awarding three Diamond Chests in addition to the other rewards. The new tier grants players a rare capsule for each 4500 XP earned past level 13. These rare capsules include three Rare and two Common rarity cards at minimum, with a small chance to upgrade into the higher-tier reward capsules.

Win XP now unlimited

The XP rewards from winning battles in Legends of Runeterra have steadily increased as the weeks have progressed. Back in the 0.9.1 update, for example, friendly battles first started granting experience. Now, in the 0.9.3 update, all normal and ranked PVP wins will grant at least 200 XP. Expedition Games, on the other hand, now grant a minimum of 100 XP for each win.

For new players, battles against AI now grant 100 XP to help them progress quickly towards their first decks. After 11 or more wins against AI, the XP reward is reduced to a minimum of 50 instead.

Wildcards now always available for purchase

Since the launch of the Legends of Runeterra open beta, the number of Wildcards you could purchase each week was limited to 3 to 6 of each rarity. Now, the developers have removed this limit. This will allow new players to purchase their initial deck once they get the hang of the game. Because of this change, you’ll no longer need to wait until after the first week’s Vault rewards to complete your first competitive Legends of Runeterra deck.

Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.3 is now live. For more about the game, be sure to read all about the latest meta deck guides.