Legends of Runeterra patch 0.9.1 speeds up gameplay and fixes bugs
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Riot Games has released the new 0.9.1 patch notes for Legends of Runeterra, and with it comes several quality-of-life updates that players have been asking for. While not as big of an update as the 0.9.0 patch, this one also adds some new content for players to purchase and some XP tweaks to make playing with friends a little more rewarding.

Focusing on Runeterra‘s fun

This patch focuses on making sure that Legends of Runeterra feels fun. Spending too much time watching an opponent’s spell resolve or a casting animation does play a big part in how the game feels. “Finding the right pacing for the game is a work in progress (and will be for a while),” noted Engineering Manager Riot Exis. “We want interactions to be clear and cool moments to feel cool, but animations shouldn’t make you impatient for the game to get a move on—we’ll keep working to find the right balance.”

Exis continued to say that Riot has chosen to “make things a little snappier” with this patch. He also talked about how more changes to animation timing will come over the next few patches.

Ultimately, changes like these can make a difference in not only how the game feels but also in how it plays. A player might not be able to finish casting a spell or resolving an ability when multiple animations take up too much of the turn timer. It might be rare, but certain cards and abilities can help run out the clock.

Riot also included a list of improvements that they will implement in this patch. They have reduced the animation speed of effects like summoning units and drawing cards. Even the speed of the token flip to determine who plays first has been reduced to get players into the game faster.

As for more fun things, Riot also released two new boards. One is based on Garen, which features him swinging away with his sword. The other board focuses on Jinx, appearing loaded to the brim with ammo and colorful graffiti art.

Legends of Runeterra Garren

Legends of Runeterra Jinx

Also joining the game is the classic Minion, but this time as a little Guardian. They dance and just generally have a good time on the side of the player’s board.


Bugs, XP, glitches, and more

Other changes to Legends of Runeterra include a slight update to XP awarded for challenging a friend to a match. In the 0.9.0 patch, Riot reduced the amount of XP earned. Now it is going up to 200 XP per win, capped at five wins. XP gained for losing is going up to 100 XP for each loss, also capped at five a day.

Riot made this change after some players felt that it was a bit too harsh of a way to try and curb players from exploiting the XP gained. However, it appears they have overcorrected a bit. Riot does state that they are planning to update this again in a future patch. But that won’t happen until they work out a better system.

Other minor changes coming to the game include properly hiding emotes when muting AI opponents, some effect corrections, and several issues that can occur when signing out of League of Legends and into Legends of Runeterra. The biggest bugs fixed include effects from The Rekindler and The Harrowing reviving champions that were never actually cast. Instead, their unique spells were cast, looking like they had died that game. It also fixes a bug where, if a champion’s level up condition would be met but they were detained, they would return still at level one.

How do you feel about the changes Riot made to Legends of Runeterra? Do you notice matches being any faster? Leave a comment below with your ideas on how you would improve the game’s feel. And for all your Legends of Runeterra news, make sure to follow Daily Esports.

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