Legends of Runeterra now available in beta with new ranked system
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Today is the day! As of 6 a.m. AEDT on Jan. 25, Legends of Runeterra is available to play in beta. If you were lucky enough to be part of early access, you’ll have access to the beta a whole 24 hours before. Announced last year, Legends of Runeterra is a strategy card game from Riot Games. Set in the League of Legends universe, Runeterra explores the champions and worlds behind the popular strategy game.

Beta season

The open beta is available to players around the world. Anyone can create an account and start playing Legends of Runeterra for free! In addition to a bunch of new improvements and content, the open beta features LoR’s new ranked mode and very first ranked season — Beta Season.

Like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra will feature a ranked system, enabling players to climb the tiers and be the best! Image: Supplied.

After the open beta, Legends of Runeterra will fully launch on both PC and mobile. Cross-platform play will be enabled and players will keep any content they earn during the beta. If you like free things, then you definitely want to play during this period. Anyone who plays will earn an exclusive Moonstruck Poro Guardian once LoR launches.

Refresher and new features

If you were lucky enough to play during early access, unfortunately, none of the content you earned during that time will carry over to the beta. Your account will have been reset. The good news is no further resets will occur. Beta will also include lots of new features and content. Ranked mode is introduced as well as a friends list, friend challenges, and LoR‘s first new boards and guardians. There are updates to over 20 different cards, and you’ll be able to climb ranks during Beta Season.

Lots of exciting times are sure to follow with the official launch of Legends of Runeterra. We hope many people sign up to play this free game. If you do happen to play during the open beta, let us know your thoughts, favorite cards, and more!

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