Legends of Runeterra landmark reveals for Monuments of Power
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As we mark another day off the calendar, we get another set of card reveals for the next Legends of Runeterra expansion, Monuments of Power. Today we got a look at four new support cards for the Freljord region, including a new landmark card. For those who don’t know, landmark cards are a completely new card type being introduced with this next expansion. Landmark cards are played like a unit, but they can’t attack, block, or take damage, and their effects are active for the entire game. They are very similar to field spells in Yu-Gi-Oh! or enchantments in Magic: The Gathering. So let’s take a look at this new Legends of Runeterra landmark card revealed today.

These cards were revealed in a tweet from the official Legends of Runeterra Twitter account. The Freljord landmark is called The Howling Abyss. It costs 7 mana and the ability reads “Round Start: Create in hand a random level 2 Champion that’s not in your hand, deck, or play.” This is a very interesting ability, especially since Runeterra changed the definition of “random” a few patches ago to be a little more specific.

This card allows you to grab any Freljord champion that you don’t currently have in your decklist. There are currently 6 Freljord champions in the game. Depending on which Champions you include in your deck, you can have a pretty good guess on what The Howling Abyss will grab you. If you are playing a mono Freljord deck and run the maximum of 4 champions, you have a 50/50 chance of what this card will grab you. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this card in the meta once it is released.

Legends of Runeterra landmark

Can you hear the voices?

Next up is Voices of the Old Ones, an 8 drop burst speed spell that says “Get 2 empty mana gems. For the top 4 cards in your deck, draw each card that costs 8+. Then shuffle the rest in your deck.” This is another interesting card that I am not sure how much play it will see. Getting two mana gems upon casting essentially makes the card a 6 drop, but you won’t be able to play any of the high drop cards you draw with its ability on the same turn. Freljord does have a lot of powerful, high-cost cards but it is hard to imagine a situation where this card is super beneficial.

Sneaky Zeebles is a 5 drop unit with 3/3 and the elusive keyword. Its effect reads, “Play: Stun enemies with 2 or less power.” This card is great in combination with the many frostbite abilities in Freljord. So any character that is frozen can be stunned with Zeebles. It’s overall a strong unit with great region synergy.

Last up is Crystal Ibex, a 4 drop with 4/4 and the effect “Play: Grant an ally Overwhelm.” This is a great ability to have on a card that only costs 4 mana, and it can help let your big units get some heavy damage in. It’s especially powerful when combined with Frostbite effects, which can directly damage the opponent’s nexus.

Legends of Runeterra landmark

Stay frosty

It is nice to see Freljord get some more support, even if its landmark is a bit iffy. We are definitely going to see more Legends of Runeterra landmark reveals, as well as other cards, before the set releases next Wednesday, October 14.