Legends of Runeterra expansion brings new region and Lab of Legends
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Earlier today, The Legends of Runeterra Twitter account released a video that details the development team’s plans for the rest of the year. This includes a new PvE expansion and a leveled up Lab of Legends.

What will the Legends of Runeterra expansions include?

The first part of the announcement focused on a new Lab of Legends game mode. Due to its popularity, Riot has decided to expand the game mode with new RPG elements. Players will get to explore the pirate infested town of Bilgewater as Twisted Fate, Tahm Kench and Miss Fortune in an RPG style map packed full of challenges. The new Lab of Legends also includes a levelling system. As players level up, they are able to recruit new cards with item upgrades. The culmination of the player’s choices leads to a final confrontation with Gangplank. The head of Lab of Legends, Riot Exis, has also confirmed more maps, features and updates in the future. The new Lab of Legends game mode is set to release at the end of summer, with no solid release date as of yet.

In addition to the new Lab of Legends features, Riot will also introduced a new region to Legends of Runeterra through this expansion — Bandle City. Players will be able to explore the yordle city in the expansion on August 2021. Riot will also release an extra expansion in the next few months, which means there will be expansions in November, December and February.

Regarding the other races looking for representation in Legends of Runeterra, game lead Andrew Yip said that “just because Bandle City is the final region, it doesn’t mean that your favorite Champions from Ixtal and the Void or other parts of Runeterra aren’t coming to life.” Instead, he said they will probably be released in the regions that make the most sense to them based on previously established conventions.

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