LEC release infographic for 2021 season showing viewership, player stats
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The League of Legends European Championship has released a stats-focused infographic for their 2021 season. These stats include which LEC matches were the most popular, the total hours watched in comparison to 2020 as well as individual player stats.

LEC 2021 viewership and match stats

The LEC grew in hours watched over their 2020 season. The league ended 2020 with just over 72.8 million hours watched, which was topped in 2021. With just under 77.5 million, the LEC had 44 million hours viewed in spring and 33 million in summer, according to the graphic.

In terms of peak viewership, the spring finals between Rogue and MAD Lions had just over 831,000 viewers. For summer, the match with the highest peak viewership was playoff duel of G2 Esports versus Fnatic, which topped the spring match by hitting 846,000 viewers.

The infographic also showed the shortest and longest games of the year. The shortest game, at only 22 minutes and 56 seconds, was between Team Vitality and SK Gaming. The longest game was between Rogue and MAD Lions, at 49 minutes and 7 seconds. The LEC also showed off that the red side win rate was higher than blue side, with 56% for red and 44% for blue.

Lastly, out of the total 361 times that Baron was killed in-game, the buff was stolen 11 times.

Player and champion stats

For champion stats, the LEC 2021’s bans and picks brought some interesting facts to light. For example, Thresh was the most banned champion at 99 times in the year. The most picked champions include Renekton, Viego and Orianna. But for picks, three champions, Graves, Riven and Zac, were only picked once throughout the year.

LEC 2021 pick rate
LEC champions pick rates. | Provided by Riot Games.

As for player stats, the pentakill by Rogue’s former jungler Kacper “Inspired” Słoma was the only one in the summer split, and he was the only jungler to do so all year. Former Fnatic top laner Adam “Adam” Maanane had the record for most top solo kills at 28 throughout the season. Former G2 Esports bot laner Martin “Rekkles” Larsson had the best Kill/Death/Assist ratio in a split, finishing spring with a 15.25 KDA.

LEc 2021 player stats
Player stats infographic. | Provided by Riot Games.

Lastly, two players finished with 14 kills in a game, tying for most in the year. Those two were Fnatic bot laner Elias “Upset” Lipp and former MAD Lions bot laner Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság.

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