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The start of the LEC season begins January 24, and with it comes a new music video that will hype everyone up. As Kia Motors continues to sponsor the LEC, they have teamed up with LECtronic to create a catchy tune to welcome the start of the season.

It seems that music production is a strong tradition that continues to happen in League of Legends. One of the biggest releases to this date is Riot Games’ K/DA “Popstars” music video with over 300 million views. Of course, in between the bigger productions are smaller ones involving a few teams, players, and influencers. We can add LECtronic to the list, as it consists of LEC casters as a band. This included Laure “Bulii” Valée, Indiana “Forskurinn” Black, Andrew “Vedius” Day and others. Though they might have used some autotune here and there, they really put on a performance.

Creativity in the lyrics

The song featured an alternative/pop beat, as they caught their audience with catchy rhymes:

I wanna watch PGL and ready check too

I wanna vote on Twitter,

and talk about who threw

I wanna flame on Reddit and tweet,

how I always knew

I want the LEC back,

so I can spam in the chat

I want the LEC back in my life

Rap Battles, Medi-Vedi, feelin’ alright

I want the LEC back tonight

Besides these creative lyrics, there’s also some fun dancing and jumping around going on. Not to mention amazing scenery, with far away shots in forests, rainy roads, and open spaces.

Partnership with Kia Motors

The video also served sort of as a car advertisement, showing shots of the team driving their Kia. At one point in the video, we see Valée asking one of the featured cars “So tell me, who is the player of the game?” as it’s hilariously followed by two honks. This is in reference to Kia sponsoring the “Player of the Game” segment for the LEC. This is one of the most important parts of broadcasted games, as analysts review the most influential players of that day.

Without a doubt, this production will serve as a meme throughout the entire LEC season. Players and analysts on Twitter are already clipping screenshots and making jokes about how funny and genius the video is. This is also a great marketing tactic to introduce the beginning of the 2020 LEC season and make them seem just as, if not more, fun than the LCS.