Five things you missed in the leaked Apex Legends Season 2 trailers
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The two Apex Legends Season 2 launch trailers that leaked earlier today were frankly excellent. They revealed a lot about Wattson, the new game features, and the impending changes to Kings Canyon. And tucked among all that good stuff were a few details a lot of people might have missed.

Flyer hives

Visible at the 0:39 mark, and then later again at 1:02, we see a number of earthen structures coming out of the ground. Based on their size, we believe those are the flyers’ natural nests, or hives.

From Respawn’s own teasers we know the flyers don’t live in Kings Canyon and instead arrive from somewhere else. The cinematic Season 2 Apex Legends trailer – which opens right before the Repulsor is sabotaged by Crypto – shows them lounging on a coast some distance from the island.

Apex Legends flyers | Apex Legends trailer secrets season 2

The appearance of these structures now, after the Repulsor has been down for a while, indicates they may have moved onto the island permanently.

Crypto’s laptop is a Mac

Apparently Apple is still making computers in the future, and hackers use them. Right as the cinematic trailer opens we are given a brief look at Crypto’s keyboard. Even though it’s obviously a custom design, we can clearly see a Command key.

APEX LEGENDS CRYPTO'S LAPTOP IS A MAC  | Apex Legends trailer secrets season 2

Wattson’s play of the game

Following that scene we see a heated back-and-forth between two Apex Legends squads engaged in verbal and literal combat. That scene in the Apex Legends trailer was so densely packed with detail that it is understandable if you missed this little detail.

As Octane flanks and then leaps at Mirage – whose L-Star has overheated – we see a sneaky Bloodhound launch an Arc Star at him, poised to take him down mid-flight. Then suddenly, from the shadows, Wattson drops the most clutch Interception Pylon imaginable. A split-second before the Arc Star connects, it is taken down by the Pylon in a play I could never hope to replicate in the actual game.

The real map changes

Apart from the big and obvious reshaping of the terrain, Kings Canyon is about to change in a more meaningful way. In multiple spots around the gameplay trailer we can see respawn beacons and supply bins where there weren’t any before.

While this may seem trivial compared to all the new buildings and the Leviathans stomping across the island, it is big. It means the Apex Legends drop patterns and loot tier zones will change. Players will not only find new buildings and areas to explore, but they will experience matches differently until we settle into the new layout.

Apex Legends season 2 map changes | Apex Legends trailer secrets

Mozambique buff

In the point of the gameplay trailer where Ranked mode is announced, we see something beautiful. We are casually shown a Mozambique take down two enemy legends in an instant. This is likely a hint at the Hammerpoint rounds hop-up at work. It is a pleasure to witness the meme gun’s newfound power.

The Apex Legends trailers have other small details, like Bangalore favoring the single-fire mode with her Hemlok, and plenty of cool new legend and gun cosmetics. We will leave the rest for you to find!