League of Legends unveils True Damage music collection, Louis Vuitton skin
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Following last year’s success with the K/DA music collaboration, Riot Games has revealed a new music collective. True Damage is the name of League of Legends‘ newest virtual band, including a new skin lineup. This year’s music collective features champions Qiyana, Senna, Akali, Ekko, and Yasuo. Their new skins will be available to purchase from Nov. 10. Like last year’s music collab, True Damage will perform at the League of Legends World Championship in France.

True Damage and Louis Vuitton skins

Skins are a huge part of League, and any new collaboration or partnership wouldn’t come without a fray of new skins. Five new skins will be released for each of the champions who are part of True Damage. Along with the release of these skins, two prestige versions will be available for Qiyana and Senna. These are super special skins designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director of Women’s Collections. This follows the announcement of Louis Vuitton’s partnership with Riot Games. Louis Vuitton is designing a one-of-a-kind trophy case to hold the Summoner’s cup.

Qiyana’s Prestige Louis Vuitton skin will be released on Nov. 10 along with the True Damage skins. Senna’s Prestige skin will be available early next year. Qiyana’s skin is only available until Nov. 25 and only by playing games during the Worlds 2019 in-game event. Louis Vuitton will also be launching a capsule collection inspired by both prestige skins. Details are yet to be revealed.

Esports, a cultural phenomenon

You can’t bring characters to life without amazing IRL people behind them. An all-star lineup featuring Becky G, Keke Palmer, Soyeon of (G)I-DLE, DUCKWRTH, and Thutmose are the voice talents behind the five League champions for True Damage. (Soyeon previously featured in the extremely popular League song “POP/STARS.”) Their single “GIANTS” will be performed at the World Championship finals. For most people working in esports, its hard to imagine how far gaming has come in a short time. Jessica Nam, the lead producer for League of Legends, describes how League has become such a huge part of the industry:

When League of Legends was released ten years ago, none of us could imagine the cultural phenomenon that it has become. Now it’s clear that gaming sits at the center of pop culture, and we couldn’t be more proud to partner with such great talent to showcase what League represents to the world.

To watch all the Worlds games, check out the official League of Legends esports page. If you haven’t collected your 10-year anniversary gifts, don’t forget to log in and play now. There are heaps of great in-game items up for grabs.

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