League of Legends Twitch Rivals teams revealed
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Twitch Rivals: Road to TwitchCon Europe started with a semifinal between eight European countries and has since been finalized into four. These four League of Legends teams advance to the Country Showdown at TwitchCon Europe in Berlin on April 14.

The four participating European teams consist of five streamers, with each player streaming their own perspective. The Country Showdown features a single-elimination and best-of-3 bracket system as well. A total prize of $75,000 will be split between the four placings, with $35,000 for first, $20,000 for the second, $12,500 for third, and $7,500 for fourth.

Country Showdown Teams

From Germany, we have Krischan “Zenten” Warnusz, Zhou “XoYnUzi” En-Qiang, Frederik “NoWay” Hinteregger, Minh “Sologesang” Sang Ngo Tan, and Nicole “nylanaaa.”

On France’s side, we have Solary’s Sakor “Le Roi Bisou” Ros, Alexandre “Narkuss” Mege, Luc “Sharkk” Gonçalves, Alexis “Melon” Barrachin, and Alexis “Chap” Barret.

Coming from Italy, we have Kevin “Lazuriel” Pirrone, Alessandro “Fragolaqt” Zappalà, Aki “lol_aki,” Manconi “Counter” Giacomo, and Paolo “paoloidolo” Marcucci.

From Spain, we have Antonio “Th3Antonio” Espinosa, Daniel “ElOjoNinja” Vaquero, Alicia “Zeiing,” Carritos “Carritoskami” Kami, and Manute “manutegaming.”

All-Stars Showdown

Also happening during the TwitchCon Europe Twitch Rivals event is the All-Stars Showdown. This event features two regional teams, North America and Europe, that consist of five streamers each. Similarly, the competitors will also be streaming their own perspective. The two teams will split a $25,000 prize pool with $20,000 going to first place and $5,000 going to second.

North America’s team of streamers includes Foggedftw2, Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, Drew “Midbeast” Timbs, Hammoudi “Yassuo” Abdalrhman, and Nicki Taylor.

Europe’s roster of streamers includes Andrea “Katare” Suchodolski, Frederik “NoWay” Hinteregger, Elm “ElmiilloR” Cherto, Amalie “Proxyfox” Reisvaag, and RealZenten.

Both teams have streamers that have previously competed in the professional League of Legends scene. You can watch all the action on the Twitch Rivals channel this weekend.

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Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.