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Riot Games is teasing on Twitter what appears to be a new skin line. The short clip depicts several crests, each one a unique shape and color, surrounded by rose petals. The five elegantly crafted crests are not immediately recognizable as belonging to specific characters. However, the exception may be the blue crest. The blue crest features a lance and two-horned horse-like creatures, which may be a reference to the recently revealed champion, Rell.

“A symbol of her royalty, a queen’s crest is as much a reward as a responsibility,” the teaser reads. Riot could be teasing a new line of royalty-themed skins coming to League of Legends, where champions dress as regal queens, kings, princes, and princesses. The quote could also be a reference to Elise, the Spider Queen, as she may be one of the champions receiving a new skin.

New crests and old swords in League of Legends

In a September developer update, production director Jonathan “Riot Bellissimoh” Belliss detailed how Riot Games would be handling skins for League of Legends moving forward. Riot is also working on developing unique skins for champions who have not received a new skin in a while. Belliss additionally teased with a single image of six curved swords, each one a unique color and design.

League of Legends Swords

While the sword-to-crest ratio is a little off, it isn’t hard to imagine that the golden sword is a special prestige skin. Speculation as to who the swords may belong to include popular characters like Katarina, Fiora, Samira, Irelia, and Riven.

Riot has yet to reveal more information about what to expect from these crests. Players are noting that the crests seem similar to icons from the Trials 2019 event. In the Trials event, players chose a house, each represented by a colorful crest. They then competed for rewards based on the standings of their houses.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports as more information about what this event hold for League of Legends is revealed.

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