League of Legends Dev Video shares ARURF & season 2020 changes
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League of Legends is more than just ranked games and esports — it’s the home to incredibly fun game modes throughout the year. As foreshadowed from Riot Games’ previous 10th year anniversary event, there will be big changes to these game modes. Riot Games developer and producer Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee gave viewers some insight for the upcoming 2020 season, including with ARURF.

Developer’s words on ARURF

“Last year, you told us you wanted unique ways to play for every major event, we agree,” said Lee. “And this year we’re committed to providing exciting, temporary game modes alongside every major event. Starting with ARURF during Mecha Kingdoms.”

Lee hinted at the upcoming release of the new Mecha Kingdoms event for patch 10.1. The developers at Riot Games have created a Mecha skins line for a variety of champions. These include Jax, Leona, Garen, Draven, and the newest addition to the bunch — Sett. ARURF with a mech twist should be pretty interesting to watch.

Elemental Rift implementation

Moreover, Lee adds some other good news for those excited to know what’s next: “We’ll also be adapting the new Elemental Rift changes to ARURF. Including Dragon Souls and the changing map. In addition, we’ll be bringing back some other mode favorites. Like One-For-All, which will be making a return in the first half of the year.”

For insight, the Elemental Rift and Dragon Souls changes were implemented at the end of 2019. They add challenge to the map and give each dragon special characteristics adding more competition. This is an exciting addition to new game modes as it will help emphasize objectives while also keeping the games short and fun.

Previously stated months ago

In a previous discussion on the official Riot Games developer blog, they mentioned the future of game modes within League of Legends. Principal Game Design Stephen “Riot_Mort” Mortimer had stated, “Modes Team is focusing all of our attention on improving the existing long-term game modes and discovering new, potentially long-term modes that you can play for years.” A few of these game modes they are referring to are ARURF+, Nexus Blitz, and ARAM. Some previous rotating game modes included Legend of the Poro King, Doom Bots of Doom, Twisted Treeline, and Ascension.

We are just excited as you are for the upcoming changes, so stay updated with us here at Daily Esports!