League of Legends patch 9.24 ends the year by adding Aphelios
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On Dec. 10, League of Legends patch 9.24 was released. Given the upcoming holidays, this is expected to be the final major update of the year. The full notes can be found on the League of Legends website. A small note was added to the page, stating there might be a small update before the year is over to fix any emergency balance issues. However, this extra patch would not include any new skins or other major updates. The most important addition of the 9.24 patch is the introduction of the new champion Aphelios.

Introducing Aphelios to League of Legends in patch 9.24

Aphelios will be League of Legends’ 147th champion, introduced only a short time after Senna. It is important to note that Aphelios will not be activated until later this month. However, it is expected that the champion will be released onto the live servers on Dec. 12 or 17.

One of the major changes this patch sees is to Diana. Diana has been updated in a major way, as she has received her new Ultimate ability. This ability, Moonfall, previously served as her E ability. It pulls surrounding enemies towards her, slowing them in the process. Now, with the update, she has gained a new aspect to this Ultimate ability: damaging nearby enemies by a massive amount one second after casting it.

Diana’s old ultimate, Lunar Rush, has now been moved to her E slot instead, allowing for more playmaking ability. In addition to her gameplay updates, Diana’s visual effects have also received a massive update with the 9.24 patch.

Besides the updates to Diana, the keystone rune, Conqueror, has been updated to reduce the strength of the ability for ranged users. The duration of the buff has also been reduced from 8 seconds (from last damage) to 6 seconds.

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