League of Legends patch 9.10 expected changes: Rebalancing Master Yi
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League of Legends patch 9.9 will be hitting the live servers soon with some massive changes for champions across the board. Following this, Riot Games has opened the discussion on what is to come in patch 9.10 on the forums. The changes coming in this patch will mainly focus on improving the balance of the solo queue environment. Expect to see changes coming to champions such as Vayne and Master Yi, as well as one of League of Legends‘ most popular champions, Riven.

Riven and Vayne

Riven and Vayne | League of Legends patch 9.10 expected changes
Image credit: LkKun

As RiotRepertoir explained in the forum post, Riven and Vayne have both been very strong over the past few patches. While neither champion is problematic, a lot of players experience frustration playing against them. Riot Repertoir further explained:

“For champions in this situation, we’d prefer to address that disparity in longer-form work, and we’ll do that when we think that’s the highest priority work we can be doing.”

Master Yi

Master Yi | League of Legends patch 9.10 expected changes

Another solo queue menace is Master Yi. Master Yi has historically been more powerful at the lower ranks in League of Legends. His kit abuses imperfect play by the opponents and gets punished more often when players realize how to stop him from snowballing out of control. The goal of the potential changes to Master Yi would be to allow him to be more balanced across all ranks. One suggested way to go about this will be to reduce scaling and/or add more clear ways to counterplay against Master Yi.

Runic Echoes

Further, the developers will be looking into changes made to Runic Echoes, something rarely used in the current meta. While the AP jungle item has always been dangerous to balance, the developers would like to see Runic Echoes be on par on its best users, such as Gragas or Elise, with average-to-good users of the Warrior’s enchantment. How or if these changes will be made in patch 9.10 remain to be seen.

More to come

League of Legends patch 9.10 expected changes

Ultimately, most of the changes are actually still yet to be announced for the 9.10 PBE cycle. However, you can expect to see a version of Zac’s old ultimate returning onto the PBE in an attempt to give him a more distinctive role. Zac’s old ultimate involved bouncing around in a team fight, knocking people back. The current ultimate on the live servers pulls enemies onto a different location.

As Master Yi and Vayne are getting balanced in patch 9.10, Guinsoo’s Rageblade is expected to change. It might function differently through the passive Phantom Hit. Phantom Hit currently applies on-hit effects every second hit, but one proposed change is to change this to every third auto attack. While this would be a massive nerf to the item, in trade the item would be buffed by having its current scaling armor and magic penetration percentage changed from 6-15 percent level 1-18 to a flat 15 percent.

We’ll keep you updated on all changes coming to League of Legends here on Daily Esports! For more news, take a look at the changes coming to Aatrox in the next patch.